About CS-SUNN:

The Civil Society Scaling-Up Nutrition in Nigeria (CS-SUNN) is a non-governmental, non-profit making alliance, made up of organizations with a shared vision to transform Nigeria into a country where every citizen has food and is nutrition secured. We pursue this lofty goal by engaging government and non-state actors to raise awareness, sustain commitment and actions to effectively tackle under-nutrition in Nigeria. The alliance was birthed in November, 2013 at Ilorin, Kwara State, Nigeria and formally inaugurated on the 7th of August, 2014.

About PINNS 2.0 Project

The Partnership for Improving Nigeria Nutrition Systems (PINNS 2.0) is a project designed to strengthen the Nigeria nutrition systems to be more Result-driven, Effective, Serviceable, Efficient and Transparent (RESET). This is to facilitate the delivery of Nutrition interventions and to hold government accountable on commitments made to allocate, release and use transparently funds for implementation of high impact Nutrition interventions in Nigeria through evidence-based advocacy**.**

Malnutrition in Nigeria is caused by several factors including lack of food, improper feeding and caring practices, economic and political structures, low status and lack of education among women, etc. Therefore, a multi-sectoral approach is required for a reduction and eventual eradication of the scourge. The UNICEF conceptual framework (UNICEF 2013) brings to the fore the need for multi-actors, disciplines, sectors and systems in this effort as evidence increasingly suggests that solving malnutrition can benefit from a systems approach (WHO 2009; Hammond & Dube’ 2012).

The project is a continuation of the just completed PINNS 1.0 and connects the importance of optimal nutrition to attaining Nigeria’s Human Capital Development goal by 2025. The project will continue to support the Nigeria nutrition system to be more Result-Driven, Effective, Serviceable, Efficient and Transparent (RESET).

PINNs project adopts a systems approach to strengthening bodies burdened with the responsibility of reducing malnutrition in Nigeria. It pays attention to the unpredictable interaction among factors, sectors, disciplines and determinants of nutrition, bringing to the table key tools and technical support required for the effective coordination and implementation of programs. PINNs seeks to focus on strengthening governance, policy implementation, effective coordination, financing, building the capacity of state actors, generation and effective communication of evidence and promoting accountability. This collective effort will contribute to a reduction in malnutrition, thereby improving the nutritional status of Nigerians, particularly women and children. The organizational capacity of CS-SUNN to become a leading voice on nutrition advocacy in Nigeria by deepening expertise gained from the Partnership for Advocacy in Child and Family Health (PACFaH) project and building new ones is also one of the goals the project intends to achieve.


National and State Committees on Food and Nutrition (N/SCFN) will require a simple system where the current physical appraisal tool used for data collection is digitized and connected to a relevant software and/or mobile application which can be used to store, analyze and report all relevant committee quarterly assessment. The quarterly reports generated will be crucial in providing information for the development of quarterly and annual reports. The new system when developed will promote ease of completion and reporting what was accomplished within the quarter by MDAs. It will also make monitoring of progress made by MDAs to improving nutrition on a quarterly bases easy, accurate and timely as it will be done and monitored electronically.

The main purpose of the Consultancy is to digitize the appraisal tool used by the N/SCFN and connect it to a relevant software and/or mobile application for data entry, storage analysis and reporting:

The core objectives are:

i. To develop digitized versions of the appraisal tool, connect to a relevant software and/or mobile application which can be accessible to the N/SCFN and partners, pilot test and provide support for the installation of the digitized tools on smart phones/tablets to be used in the field/offices/anywhere.

ii. To train the N/SCFN, CS-SUNN and the key implementing partners/ stakeholders on the use of the digitized tools


The assignment is to work collaboratively work FMFBNP team on design and visioning to complete:

· Create a Digital Version of the appraisal tool The forms should be capable of doing the following:

o Digital forms should include date, time, location of data collection, MDA and the name of the officer entering the information into the system.

o The Digital form should provide a session for authentication and authorization of the director to certify the information provided by the officer in bullet one above

o Include an off-line mode feature to ensure that the information is recorded and automatically transferred once the tablet is in an area where there is data connection

o Ensure that important information (i.e. Personal information, Quarterly Budget) can be Mandatory Fields

o Ensure that all the data collected by all the Committee Members is stored on a relevant software and/or mobile application which can be reviewed and automatically analysed and reported.

o Ensure that the forms are Password Protected and the installation of suitable security features are included to prevent data hacking

o Ensure this platform has some form of restriction may be administration passwords or admin accounts to ensure that that entries are made only by authorized staff although the final product will be open access.

· Assist PINNS 2.0 team in the procurement of any IT related services and products necessary for the system.

· Recommend suitable equipment, technologies, programs (i.e., Computer, tablet, Server, broadband network, VBM Router) for the installation of the digitized forms and use in the field.

· Installation of the digitized forms onto computers and/or tablets used by N/SCFN, CS-SUNN and/or relevant Key Implementing Partners / Staff members.

· Install an antivirus system

· Provide appropriate orientation/training to the N/SCFN and partners so that they can operate the digitized forms.

· Run tests with users in order to improve the software application when necessary.

· Create a simple user manual which will guide/assist the users at different levels on use of the digitized forms

· Include a Search Engine to allow a user to conduct a search


The Consultant should possess:

· A Technical Certificate, Associate or Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology, Computer Science, Software Engineering and/ or a related field;

· At least two (2) years’ experience working with governmental organizations or rural development programs in the development of software or providing IT solutions is required;

· Good Communication skills, both orally and in writing, interpersonal skills and the ability to work well with others in a collaborative environment;

· Experience in creating user-friendly interfaces for database systems;

· Experience and knowledge with the following programs (Microsoft Office Suite, MS SQL, My SQL Server, mobile app development etc).


The assignment is expected for a period of twenty working days (February 2022 – March 2022) from the date of signing the contract.**

Activities will include

· Review of the Project requirements, the appraisal tool, meetings with the CS-SUNN Staff, key implementing partners and the development of a work plan.

· Creating the initial design of the digitized forms.

· Conduct end user testing and to make edits to the digitized forms where necessary

· Installation the forms and necessary programs on to the Computer Systems (Phones, Tablets, Computers) and prepare a user manual

· Capacity building for all the relevant stakeholders on the use of the digitized forms


The Consultant will be hired under CS-SUNN’s terms of contract and supervised by the PINNS 2.0 Project team in collaboration with MFBNP solely for the purpose of delivering the above outputs, within the agreed time frame.

PINNS 2.0 Programs Unit shall provide necessary support to the consultant in order to execute the assignment during the duration of the consultancy.


Services to be provided by the Consultant

The Consultant will submit to MFBNP/CS-SUNN the final digitized forms and connection to a relevant software and/or mobile application within the aforementioned time period.

Services to be provided by MFBNP/CS-SUNN

The Client will:

· Identify the information that is required within the digitized forms.

· Provide the forms that are currently being used in the field.

· Set up meeting with key implementing partners for consultations and coordination of test runs, amongst others.

· Provide feedback to the Consultant on the functionality of the system and suggest changes that are required.

· Prepare payment upon completion of the consultancy in agreement to the rules of this contract.

The final digitized forms should be completed at the end of the Consultancy:


The Consultant’s payment shall be based on the financial proposal developed for this consultancy in accordance with the agreed contract deliverables.

The expected start date of the Consultancy is February 2022.

Payment shall be made in three (3) installments of:

20% upon submission and approval of work plan

50% upon completion of the digitized forms to MFBNP/CS-SUNN installation

30% upon completion of the staff training, user manual and updates required that incorporate suggestions and recommendations from the CS-SUNN/MFBNP and key implementing partners.


All information pertaining to this consultancy (documents etc.) belong to and remain the property of the Government through the Ministry of Finance Budget and National Planning as the Borrower as sole owner of all content and material, and exclusive rights over its use developed under this TOR. Thus, must be availed to upon completion and/or request at any time.


The Consultant will report to MFBNP through PINNS 2.0 Project Manager to deliver the service efficiently.

The expected start date of the Consultancy is February 2022.

The deadline for submission of Proposals is no later than COB on 11 February 2022 and can be sent as follows**:**

How to apply


Interested consultants who meet the above-stated criteria are to send an expression of interest with the following:

– Curriculum Vitae

– Technical offer/ proposal containing work plan and methodology

– Links to past works that relate to this assignment

– Financial offer including (a) daily consultancy fee– all taxes and duties included; (b) travel, accommodation, and subsistence costs (if applicable) via mail to on or before Friday, February 11, 2022


The consultant/s will be supported in this assignment by key programme staff of CS-SUNN/MFBNP who will provide the needed administrative, logistics support and will be reporting to the MFBNP through the PINNS 2.0 project lead.

Anti-Sexual Exploitation and Abuse

CS-SUNN has a zero-tolerance for sexual exploitation and sexual abuse in all ramifications.

This is considered gross misconduct. ‘Sexual abuse’ means the actual or threatened physical intrusion

Of a sexual nature, whether by force or under unequal or coercive conditions.

Please address correspondence to:

The Executive Secretary,

Civil Society Scaling-up Nutrition in Nigeria (CS-SUNN)

​Plot 203 Cadastral Zone B02, Off Oladipo Diya Way (Beside Coded Suites), Durumi District, Abuja.

Successful consultants will be contacted for a formal meeting **

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