Peer to Peer support specialist, project management and programs At International Planned Parenthood Federation


The role of the Peer-to-Peer support specialist project management and programs is responsible for supporting Africa Region member associations and IPPF ARO teams in ensuring compliance to programs and project management standards, best practices and donor requirements. He/she plays a crucial role in ensuring that key stakeholders’ reporting needs (internal and external) are met.

The Peer-to-Peer support specialist project management and programs is also in charge of developing procedures, guidelines, and tools at the Africa Region level in alignment with national and international standards to enhance the effective implementation of Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights projects/programs in multiple contexts including humanitarian and conflict situations

he Peer-to-Peer support specialist project management and programs is responsible for upholding policies, principles, and best practices for project management and programs and to monitor project management and program standards to ensure that donor’s expectations are met, and that sound management is applied in Member associations (MAs) and collaborative partners (CPs).

The post holder is responsible for supporting and advising MAs and Collaborative partners on their board and staff relations, management, programs advocacy, communication, resource mobilisation and financial controls.

The post holder is responsible for working with other departments and inform them about the situation of MAs and CPs. An important part of this role is to provide guidance on innovations, new trends, development and implementation of global strategies at local level. They support innovative approaches in MAs and CPs and promote exchange of best practices, training and joint project implementation among MAs and CPs.



Under the general supervision of Head of Department Strategy and Organizational Development, the incumbent is responsible for developing strategies and new approaches to develop peer to peer support among Mas and CPs in an efficient way. The post holder will also provide advice to MAs and CPs, monitor project management’s progress, ensure adequate program standards, innovative approaches to enhance peer to peer work Project Management and Programs and compliance

  1. Ensure availability of project management tools and systems that feed up to date institutional results for planning and reporting for all MAs and CPs.
  2. Support the implementation of effective MA and CPs systems and procedures to ensure that all required documentation necessary for project management are completed, accurate, and available on time.
  3. Serve as the designated contact for IPPF ARO requirements for project management and programs best practices in MAs and CPs.
  4. Lead the development and coordination of the implementation of peer-to-peer support strategies among MAs and CPs
  5. Promote, support, and facilitate peer to peer learning experience and sharing, including coaching and mentoring as part of organizational development and growth of Mas and CPs.
  6. Support the identification Mas and CPs organizational and technical assistance needs, skills gaps; identify available skills to bridge gaps and implement capacity building initiatives in resource mobilization, communication, advocacy, financial management and youth engagement.
  7. Ensure that Mas and CPS in the region can provide Technical Assistance on project management and programs, to their sister MAs in the region and worldwide, directly through MA/CP-toMA/CP support or with centers of excellence.
  8. Ensure that young people’s rights and participation that are central to all SRHR programs, service delivery, advocacy, comprehensive sexuality education and policy making are upheld.
  9. Develop and support regional strategies to transform Mas and CPs in the region to be technical assistance providers rather than MA technical assistance receivers.
  10. Support the ARO and MAs efforts to mobilize resources for programs and long term programmatic, financial, and institutional sustainability in collaboration with the External Relations, resource mobilization and Communications Department.
  11. Lead the implementation of project key metrics (quantitative and qualitative) with the support of the monitoring and evaluation team and under the guidance of the head of Department.
  12. Work with other heads of department, project staff, and the peer-to-peer support specialists on financial oversight and risk to conduct regular and scheduled analyses, applying necessary corrective actions, and maintaining recordkeeping.
  13. Identify and mitigate any potential risk related to project management and programs.
  14. Advise, orient, train, and support IPPF ARO staff and Africa Region MAs and CPs,
  15. Contribute to building donorstrust and confidence in MAs and CPS in collaboration with External Relations, resource mobilisation and Communications Department.
  16. Effectively facilitate the management of sexual and reproductive health and rights programs and project management in MAs and CPs
  17. Support MAs and CPS during the development, management, and review of their strategic plans.
  18. Ensure compliance with the core functions of IPPF ARO in sexual and reproductive health program and project management: review project deliverables (budgets, reports, TORs, products, guidelines, policies, procedures, etc.); ensure quality and compliance with the agreedupon terms and update the Senior Management Team accordingly. 19. Develop and roll out a training program on compliance and share regular updates with MAs and CPs.
  19. Work closely with the safeguarding team to ensure skills development in of African Mas and CPS.
  20. Promote the reporting of compliance issues such as safeguarding issues, suspected fraud, and waste of resources. Promote and ensure a code of ethics and integrity within MAs and CPs. Organisational development
  21. Identify MAs organisational development capacity gaps and needs; develop and implement appropriate interventions through an MAs/CPs Centric approach.
  22. Train trainers in MAs and CPs to develop sustainable expertise in organisational development.
  23. Support MAs and CPs change management and reform processes and
  24. Work closely with other Departments to enhance organisational development in all MAs/CPs areas of work.
  25. Coordinate MAs and CPs accreditation reviews, ensure quality control of the review process as well peer to peer support in the accreditation process.
  26. support the development of MA/CPS action plans in case of non-compliance with IPPF constitutional standards and monitor the implementation of the post-accreditation action plans.
  27. Support in the development and review of MAs /CP strategic and organizational development plans.
  28. support MAs with institutional challenges through development and implementation of solutions and preventive interventions.
  29. Undertake any other duties as assigned by his/her supervisor

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