Practice Lead, Assistance Technique At Muso

Reports to : Director of Technical Assistance

Supervises : New Country Engagement Specialist (1) , Partnership Specialists (2), Technical Advisors (2)

Location: Remote, or Ivory Coast

About Muso:

Muso is a global health organization committed to early universal health care. We build health systems to save lives by reaching patients faster. To cure delay in health care, we’ve devoted the past decade designing, building, testing, and improving on our model. Communities Muso serves have achieved child mortality rates lower than that of any country in Africa, according to a 2018 BMJ Global Health study*.*

We currently provide direct service health care for 350,000 people in Mali, while supporting the Malian Ministry of Health as they work toward a scale up of Community Health Worker-led health care nationwide. We have also launched a new partnership with the government of Cote d’Ivoire.

As the global community strives toward shared goals of universal health care, child survival, and maternal survival, we’ve now seen the urgent need for Muso to plans to grow its direct service and technical assistance to new country partners. The global crises of maternal and child mortality are solvable, everywhere.

II. About the position

Muso has designed our work and research to directly inform and support policy makers and implementers around the world to build high-impact, rapid-access community health systems. In recent years, requests from governments and NGOs for Muso’s partnership and technical assistance (TA) have accelerated.

The Technical Assistance Practice Lead will oversee the teams, which will assist in the design, adaptation, and implementation of high-impact interventions for early access to care, maternal survival, and child survival.

The Practice Lead will be responsible for organizing, preparing, and steering various technical assistance engagements beyond current countries of intervention including Mali and Cote d’Ivoire. He/she will identify, prioritize, and cultivate opportunities for new engagements in a systematic and proactive manner, together with the support of the New Engagements Specialist. For each new technical assistance engagement, he/she will negotiate the scope of work and terms of reference. He/she will identify roles and create teams to support each new partner. He/she will supervise and support these teams to ensure that the objectives of each engagement are met, with our deliverables delivered with quality, and on time.

He/she will share expertise in mapping resources and expertise needed for technical assistance, including helping to mobilize domestic funding and building alliances with other financial and institutional actors for successful engagements. In addition to working closely with the Director of Technical Assistance, the Practice Lead will collaborate with several other Muso team members to achieve these objectives, including the Institutional Partnerships Managers, Muso’s Innovation and Training Team, and the Research Monitoring and Evaluation Team.

He/she will be a partner who works in a spirit of solidarity and service, assisting government partners from design to planning, implementation, and evaluation. Through their efforts, the Practice Lead will have the opportunity to play a critical role in the pursuit of access to early health care for millions of people, and to advance the global movement for health equity.

III. Key responsibilities,

Ÿ Technical assistance for design, planning and implementation

¡ Contribute to annual goal setting as part of the Technical Assistance strategy within Muso.

¡ Lead and/or generate/negotiate technical assistance opportunities related to existing capacity, in addition to helping the team achieve their own goals.

¡ Provide oversight, professional development, and mentoring for teams on each new engagement, and for the New country Engagements Specialist.

¡ Assess the appropriateness of various technical assistance engagement requests. Recommend the type and scope of technical assistance for each opportunity through the strategic plan criteria. Consult and solicit approvals from other team members regarding potential new partnerships.

¡ Identify how Muso will be involved and what type of technical assistance will be provided based on the scope of each request.

¡ Support the strategic design and implementation planning of the various components of ProSEC and provide technical advice and ongoing troubleshooting solutions, drawing heavily on the expertise of the Muso team and the strategies Muso has tested with its government partners

¡ Develop detailed operational plans with corresponding timelines and budgets for each technical assistance engagement as needed.

¡ He/she and his/her team will provide ongoing support for each technical assistance engagement as it unfolds.

Ÿ Support training and tools development

¡ Collaborate with the Muso Innovation and Training team to develop and customize Muso tools to meet the needs of the technical assistance engagement, including job descriptions, terms of reference, training curriculum, data collection and technology tools, job aids, and clinical protocols.

¡ Collaborate with Muso’s training team to train stakeholders and implementers on the curriculum, procedures, and tools we develop and customize for use in various technical assistance engagements.

Ÿ Partnership development and financing

¡ Collaborate with Muso’s Institutional Partnerships Manager and Coordinator and New Engagement Specialist to build alliances and collaborations with governments, donors, and other institutional actors.

¡ Ensure that Muso has the partnerships and voice to help the Malian government achieve reform

¡ Actively participate in technical advisory/working groups and professional forums representing Muso

Ÿ Team building and management

¡ Mentor and support 3 to 5 staff under direct supervision

¡ Proactively identify and learn from what is not working: when a project goes off course, analyze the cause and quickly determine how to correct the course.

¡ Make monthly progress reports, as well as additional reports and proposals as needed for specific assignments.

¡ Meet weekly with the Director of Technical Assistance and work closely with other members of the Muso team

¡ Meet weekly with his/her team.


¡ A commitment to universal health care, maternal and child survival and equitable health systems;

¡ Ability to listen, with humility, in a spirit of solidarity and service;

¡ Knowledge of the public health system and key government and partner partners;

¡ Experience assisting government colleagues in a partnership approach involving “leading from behind” rather than top-down/outside;

¡ Experience in health systems implementation and health care financing;

¡ Minimum 3 years management consulting experience

¡ Commitment to learning more about the Muso health system;

¡ Excellent project management, strategic planning and budget management skills;

¡ -Strong organizational skills, with the ability to manage multiple urgent projects simultaneously;

¡ Ability to manage time and deliver consistently, with quality and on time;

¡ Strong management and mentoring skills and demonstrated ability to build effective teams;

¡ Demonstrated success in building relationships in a multi-stakeholder environment with government and donor partners, as well as non-profit and community organizations;

¡ Excellent analytical and conceptual problem-solving skills;

¡ Experience providing technical assistance in a partnership approach;

¡ Excellent written and oral communication skills;

¡ Resilience and courage; Ability to persevere in the face of many challenges;

¡ Ability to read, analyze, and interpret research, understand the limitations of a study and what we can learn and apply from it;

¡ Ability to travel as needed for partnership engagements.

¡ Fluency in English and French

How to apply

Interested candidates can send their resumé and motivation letter to with subject: Practice Lead

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