Provide research and technical support services on seed systems and climate adaptation best practices At Catholic Relief Services

Feed the Future Global Supporting Seed Systems for Development activity (S34D)


Activity Title: CCIR 1.3.6 Seed systems and climate adaptation at the last mile, learnings and best practices: A global case study approach.

Consultancy Title: Provide research and technical support services on seed systems and climate adaptation best practices (Location: Remote)

Duration/No. of days: maximum allowable billable days 40

S34D contact person: Dr. Bhramar Dey (

Several recent efforts have prioritized climate change as a key thematic area of work. The CGIAR has developed a resource toolbox specifically for that purpose1. Projects continue to be implemented to increase smallholders’ adaptive capacity and resiliency at the last mile2. Many development partners –have implemented models and programs that targeted beneficiaries at the last mile to build resiliency and foster climate adaptations. This SoW is to seek a consultant to support S343D’s global case study.

The study, as part of activity Seed systems and climate adaptation at the last mile, learnings and best practices: A global case study approach, will aim to distinguish similarities and differences in adaptation and practices for men and women, young and older farmers and across countries and agro-ecosystems which would allow designing better practices and policies that aim for inclusive agricultural transformation. This study will demonstrate how male and female farmers use agronomic practices, seed and variety selection, and other approaches to adapt to climate change in their local agro-ecologies. The purpose of this consultancy is to collect anecdotal and empirical evidence from countries across different continents through ongoing activities and programs conducted by CRS and Oxfam Novib. Using a range of case studies from at least five countries which may include Guatemala, Zimbabwe, Laos, Nepal, Bolivia, Peru, and Ethiopia3. The learnings from the global case study will provide recommendations and best practices on climate adaptation at the local level, and contextualized practical recommendations for on-the-ground implementation efforts, that will support better designs for interventions aiming to strengthen seed systems in developing countries.

Description of Work:

In consultation with S34D, the Consultant will identify countries and case studies, and provide a high quality literature review regarding these cases using published articles, peer-reviewed journal papers, and reports on best practices in response to climate change, including lessons learnt and evaluated in farmer field schools. Outcome of the literature review should be written in 5-6 pages. The focus of adaptation is related to agricultural input systems – specifically the seed systems (formal, informal and intermediary) as well as agronomic practices. The final product of the activity will be a publishable quality report of 20 pages with annexes. The Consultant will also provide technical services, such as conducting analytical summaries, data gathering and summaries using a range of infographics. The Consultant will compile all information to produce a report with separate sections on each country, and synthesize across all countries to develop commonalities and differences between practices. The consultant will provide support in drafting recommendations. In addition to the main report, the Consultant will also compile and produce a short handbook of 10-15 pages with best practices for use by farmers in the field.

The Consultant will work with S34D to agree on the outline for the report. The Consultant will provide support in dissemination of the final report through a validation workshop and dissemination webinar.

Deliverables: Please see full SOW posted on the CRS bid page.

Period of Performance:
The consultancy will be conducted for 40 days over the period February 21st and May 31st, 2022

Submission of Applications:
The Consultant needs to submit the following to by January 28, 2022.

Technical Proposal:

  • Cover letter indicating applicant’s ability and availability
  • Consultant CV and/or Company Profile
  • Current Curriculum Vitae, which specifically addresses seed systems, data systems and

    agricultural development.

  • Reference list (names and contact information for at least three references) as well as daily

    rates/fees for last three clients.

Cost Proposal: Daily rate

Q&A Opportunity:

Prospective bidders may submit any clarification questions to by January 20, 2022.
Responses will be provided to any known prospective bidders on January 24, 2022.

Contact Person:

The Consultant will work with CRS S34D Senior Technical Advisor (STA) for M&E, Learning, Policy, Advocacy and Strategy on a regular basis, which will include weekly calls. The Consultant will conduct independent work, but only under the guidance of the CRS S34D STA, and any changes suggested shall be duly and promptly incorporated by the Consultant. Adaptive responses are a must to deliver the required level of quality deemed in this short-term research.

Terms of Payment:

Payments will be processed, net 30 days, after completion of the following four action steps:

  1. Submission of deliverable(s) by the consultant.
  2. Submission of an invoice specific to the deliverable(s) by the consultant.
  3. Approval of the deliverable(s) by CRS.
  4. Approval of each invoice by CRS.


  • Must have a bachelor’s degree in Economics, statistics, or another equivalent quantitative field.
  • Masters or Ph.D. preferred.
  • Must have at least 3 years’ experience working in seed systems.
  • Must have at least 5 years’ experience in working with data systems including data
  • manipulation, forecasting methodology, micro-level data etc.
  • Must demonstrate knowledge of agricultural development including climate change
  • Excellent communication skills in English
  • Superb collaboration skills to work with a diverse set of partners

How to apply