Tender no. RK02/2022


RefuSHE Kenya protects, nurtures, educates, and empowers orphaned, unaccompanied, or separated refugee girls, young women and their children in Nairobi, Kenya to help them build healthier and more resilient futures for themselves. Through a unique holistic model that provides shelter, education, case management, counseling, childcare, legal advocacy, and vocational training, RefuSHE has over the years become a leading institution and global thought leader in the field of refugee protection.

Founded in 2008, RefuSHE Inc is a U.S. nonprofit with headquarters in Chicago with affiliate operations in Nairobi, Kenya through RefuSHE Kenya. RefuSHE Kenya is registered in Kenya under Section 10 of the Non-Governmental Organization Co-ordination Act. It currently operates solely in Nairobi, Kenya with the main office located off Gitanga road, a safe house within Nairobi and a site office in Eastleigh.

Objective of the assignment

RefuSHE Kenya seeks to engage a reputable suitably qualified professional consultant(s) to undertake a salary survey and benchmarking exercise based on latest prevailing comparable organizations & labor market segments, job evaluation of current roles at RefuSHE Kenya and consequent recommendation on restructuring of RefuSHE Kenya’s staff job grading and salary structure.

The objective of this process is to determine the competitiveness of RefuSHE Kenya’s current salary scales through tailored comparisons to salary scales and percentiles of relevant sectors, industry, regions and other relevant comparable labor market segments. Additionally, the process seeks to evaluate the various job roles in the organization for the purpose of restructuring through revising and streamlining of the current organizational job grading and salary structure.

Scope of work

The consultant(s) shall be expected to:

  1. Undertake an inception meeting with RefuSHE Kenya’s management team to get an overview of the organization and agree on expectations and priorities and workplan of the consultancy
  2. Work closely with the Human Resource and Administration Manager and other relevant RefuSHE Kenya staff in the organization throughout the consultancy
  3. Conduct a job analysis/evaluation of all RefuSHE Kenya’s existing roles and their respective salaries
  4. Conduct detailed review of RefuSHE Kenya’s existing job grading and salary structure and identify areas of improvement
  5. Provide a report of the existing job grading and salary structure with recommendations for improvement
  6. Conduct a comprehensive salary benchmarking survey against comparable organizations, that is, but not limited to, non governmental organizations in the same sector, industry, locations, of similar size and scope or work as RefuSHE Kenya amongst others comparable relevant labor market segments.
  7. Provide a report of the salary benchmarking survey with recommendations for management action
  8. Develop a revised job grading and salary structure incorporating findings from the job evaluation and salary benchmarking process with recommendations on a roll out plan

The selected consultant will not be required to work from the RefuSHE Kenya physical offices throughout the duration of the consultancy but may from time to time work from their offices with coordinated visits to RefuSHE Kenya physical offices.

RefuSHE Kenya targets to have the above assignment completed within 6 weeks of signing of the consultancy contract but is open to negotiate amendment to this expectation based on workplan justifications by the selected consultant.

The selected consultant shall be expected to maintain confidentiality of all the data and documents provided by RefuSHE Kenya before, during and after the consultancy assignment and shall not share the same with third parties without prior written consent from RefuSHE Kenya. The selected consultant shall be expected to exercise the highest standard of professional and ethical values throughout the consultancy assignment.

Expected deliverables

The consultant shall be expected to deliver the following within the agreed timeframe:

  1. Detailed workplan of the consultancy
  2. Report of job evaluation of existing roles at RefuSHE Kenya, key findings, outcomes and recommendations
  3. Report of evaluation of RefuSHE Kenya’s existing job grade and salary structure: findings, outcomes and recommendations
  4. Report of salary benchmarking survey which shall include amongst other items, the organizations benchmarked, the job roles benchmarked, the minimum, median and maximum salary levels for various comparable relevant market segment percentile levels, recommendations for management action etc.
  5. Proposed revised job grading and salary structure for RefuSHE Kenya
  6. Proposed roll out plan for transition from existing to recommended revised job grading and salary structure

The above reports shall be expected to be presented in the English language with financial figures expressed in Kenya Shillings. The final approval of the above reports will be undertaken by the Chief Executive Officer.

Eligibility criteria

Interested applicants will be required to meet the following criteria:

  1. Registered member of the Institute of Human Resource Management Kenya with valid IHRM practicing license certificate.
  2. Proven track record in conducting job evaluations, compensation surveys and developing job grade and salary structures, preferably in the non profit sector (5-10 years)
  3. Knowledge of the labor market in Kenya, desirably, non profit sector labor market segment
  4. Strong research, data collection, quantitative & qualitative analytical skills
  5. Strong attention to detail and problem solving skills
  6. Excellent writing and presentation skills
  7. Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  8. High standards of confidentiality.

How to apply

Submission guidelines

The proposal for provision of the above services shall include a technical proposal and a financial proposal.

Technical proposal

The technical proposal shall at a minimum set out:

  1. Organizational profile of the consultant
  2. the proposed approach, methodology and workplan for the proposed services
  3. the quality control measures for undertaking the proposed services
  4. experience in conducting job evaluations, salary surveys and developing job grading and salary structures, preferably, for non governmental organizations/humanitarian organizations
  5. key personnel to be involved in the consultancy assignment, their qualifications and experience and their level of involvement expected in the engagement e.g. manager, assistants etc.
  6. References from at least 3 organizations of comparable size and nature of business to whom the consultant has previously provided similar services to in the recent past

Financial proposal

All responsive technical proposals shall proceed to financial proposal evaluation.

The financial proposal should be itemized to indicate the consultancy fees and applicable taxes and should be denominated in Kenya Shillings.


The following are required attachments, copies of which must be submitted as part of response to this EOI:

  1. Organizational certificate of registration
  2. KRA PIN certificate
  3. Valid KRA tax compliance certificate
  4. Valid IHRM practicing license
  5. CVs of key proposed staff
  6. Signed declaration of accuracy and authenticity of the information provided in the proposal submitted.
  7. Signed Anti-fraud and anti- corruption practices declaration
  8. Signed declaration of independence of the consultant i.e., lack of conflict of interest between RefuSHE, RefuSHE Kenya and the consultancy firm and its staff

The technical and financial proposals shall be addressed to:

The Chief Executive Officer

RefuSHE Kenya

P.O. Box 63192-00619,

Nairobi, Kenya

The technical and financial proposals shall be submitted to the following email: on or before 21st October 2022 11:59 hours EAT. Late submissions will not be considered.

We appreciate all proposals that will be received, however, please note that only shortlisted consultants shall be contacted.

Consent: By applying for this consultancy, I hereby consent RefuSHE to collect, process and store my data in accordance with the privacy policy. I understand I may withdraw my consent by writing back to the email address provided in this EOI to withdraw my application at any time.


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