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For more than a decade, Forcier Consulting has served as the premier resource for high quality research in the world’s most challenging environments. We provide locally-based research, evaluation, and learning services to international donors, UN agencies, and NGOs reflecting the nuances and complexities of humanitarian and development work. We have performed more than 790 contracts in 41 countries, setting the standard for excellence in consulting in non-permissive environments.

Job Description

This position is open to Kenyan nationals only, with absolutely no exceptions. You will be asked to verify your nationality as part of the interview process. Female candidates are particularly encouraged to apply.

Forcier is recruiting a Qualitative Researcher for a multi-country baseline study of the barriers related to children and adolescents with disabilities. The Qualitative Researcher works directly with the Lead Consultant to organize and conduct qualitative data collection, including in-depth interviews, key informant interviews, and focus group discussions. The Qualitative Researcher is expected to:

  • Review and comment on the scope of work for the project and identify potential challenges in fieldwork.
  • Collaborate with other team members to recruit and schedule interviews as well as logistics including refreshments, interview facilities, etc.
  • Assist in making payments for fieldwork expenses and maintaining receipts and other financial records required during the execution of the project.
  • Secure permissions and administrative introductions prior to the start of data collection.
  • Conduct qualitative interviews as instructed, recruiting the correct number and type of participants, recording interviews (where permitted and required), taking diligent notes as per Forcier quality standards, and coding those notes following each interview.
  • Contribute to fieldwork reports and context analysis at the conclusion of the project.

This position requires an understanding of qualitative data collection techniques and the challenges posed in qualitative data collection in Kenya. You are expected to know how to properly prepare for research including permissions, recruitment, etc. You should know how to work with informants to make them feel comfortable and allow them to speak candidly as part of the data collection process. You should be aware of ethical considerations in data collection and how they apply in the Kenyan context. For the right candidate, this position can be a stepping stone for a full-time research position over time, depending on the volume of research work Forcier conducts in Kenya.

Forcier is dedicated to building the capacity of researchers within Kenya and as part of this role you will have the opportunity to work alongside specialists and receive training that will enhance your skills in research, monitoring & evaluation, and project management.

This position will require travel to field locations within Kenya up to 100% of the time of the contract.


  • A Bachelor’s degree in a related field.
  • Minimum 3 years of experience conducting research in the field. This can either be as a full-time position or a series of project-based positions that add up to 3 years of experience.
  • Ability to communicate effectively in an English-speaking work environment
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office applications and G Suite applications
  • Advanced executive function and task management (you should be able to manage multiple tasks with various deadlines and be able to allocate your time and efforts accordingly)

Forcier isn’t the place for everyone. But for those who do find us to be a good fit, they can’t imagine being anywhere else. Our company operates with five immutable laws. If these don’t resonate with you, working with us probably won’t be a good fit for you. If they speak to you, you’ll find a new home with us.

  • Be nice or leave. All our staff deserve to be treated professionally and with respect. Discrimination, racism, tribalism, sexism, and neo-colonialist language will not be tolerated. This applies to our clients as well.
  • This is a stress free zone. The places where we work are stressful enough, we don’t need to add extra pressure. Increasing stress increases the likelihood of errors. We all work to minimize stress together.
  • We embrace a strong work ethic and a strong rest ethic. We believe that balance is critical to long-term success. We all work together to avoid burnout on our teams and ensure that team members have the opportunity to frequently and regularly take complete time off. We recognize the needs for every team member may be unique depending on their individual circumstances.
  • Safety first. We never put staff or partners in harm’s way for any reason, and we do not ask staff to go places or complete work with which they do not feel personally comfortable – for any reason.
  • Quality is paramount. We stand behind the integrity of our work. We don’t cut corners and we deliver the absolute best product possible every single time, both internally and externally.


Forcier aims to be an employer of choice in Kenya. As a result, we offer competitive daily rates, as well as on the job training opportunities, to attract the best talent available.

Please note that we are recruiting Qualitative Researchers on a contract basis. We will be evaluating all candidates who apply on a rolling basis and may keep your application on file for opportunities in the near future if a perfect fit is not available now.

How to apply

Please submit both a cover letter and a CV on our Career Page. If you do not take the time to at least follow these instructions, you will demonstrate to us that you do not have the attention to detail required for this position.

You must answer the following questions as part of your cover letter for your application to be considered:

  • Based on our immutable laws, why do you think you are a good fit for Forcier?
  • Explain your strategy to ensure participation of all individuals in a focus group discussion
  • What do you feel is the greatest challenge in qualitative data collection in Kenya?

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