Recruiting and Talent Development Manager At Namati

An insightful, engaging leader who can find incredible talent for our open roles, and can help create the right role for exceptionally talented people

About the Position

Namati helps people understand, use, and shape the law to support and defend their communities. Since 2011, Namati has worked to build a movement of grassroots advocates worldwide, growing from a small group of big-hearted justice seekers to a global staff of more than 170 people across 6 countries. Our people – our staff, community partners, and the justice seekers we work with on the ground every day – are everything to us.

We’re looking for a recruiter, but this isn’t a typical recruitment role. You will be the connection between Namati and a wide world of caring, dedicated, sharp, and effective people who could thrive here. We’re looking for someone who truly enjoys connecting with other people, discovering their superpowers, and figuring out what their perfect role might look like at Namati.

You’ll need to deeply understand our mission, our culture, and our international organization to discern which candidates are not only the right match for our work, but also for our team and global culture. Having strong existing professional networks – and the wisdom of significant workplace experience generally – will be very helpful, but you don’t need any specific recruiting experience for this role.

The right Manager will be excited about a calendar full of calls, meetings, and interviews with potential candidates, but we’re not looking for someone to “work the funnel”; we want a matchmaker eager to understand the best that potential candidates have to offer. We’re a busy, growing team, and you’ll have plenty of roles to fill, but fit is paramount. We’d rather spend 6 months finding and hiring the exact right person, than quickly fill a role – and then need to fill it again in a year.

If the tenor and scope of this job excites you, but it seems either too junior or too senior for your particular experience, please apply! We are happy to consider this role at a variety of levels for the right candidate.

The Talent Development Manager will focus on the following areas:

  1. Sourcing candidates. You’ll do all the LinkedIn and Twitter sleuthing you’d expect a recruiter might do, as well as constantly searching for new networks that might be full of incredible candidates who have never heard of us. Your calendar will be full of screening interviews, “get to know you” calls, and follow-ups, building a candidate pipeline for Namati now and into the future.
  2. Running hiring processes. You’ll lead all of the processes of hiring at Namati, from developing roles all the way through scheduling onboarding tasks. You’ll work with the rest of the People Operations, and greater Namati global teams, to ensure candidates are being evaluated and that hiring processes are moving forward. You’ll conduct interviews, plan hiring timelines for new roles, and treat candidates respectfully, ensuring that applicants hear back from us timely and that no one slips through the cracks. You’ll also work with the rest of the People Operations team and hiring managers to ensure that we’re able to uphold our high standards while being responsive to our evolving hiring needs.
  3. Strengthening the People Operations function. When we’re hiring for a lot of roles, you’ll be focused pretty squarely on recruiting. But when we’re in a slower hiring period, you’ll help out on other People Operations projects to strengthen our internal processes and improve the experience everyone has applying with, and working at, Namati. These might be big new strategic initiatives that you conceive and lead, or you might take on some small tasks to strengthen our onboarding or performance management processes, or anything in between!

Here’s what you might have tackled last week –

  • Scheduled, planned, and conducted a call with the Kenyan citizenship team to help them develop a role they plan to hire for.
  • Held a check-in with a hiring manager to share updates on a recruitment process; after discussing eligible candidates, quickly reacted to make adjustments to the job description and recruitment strategy.
  • Conducted an exit interview with a departing Namatian, capturing their insights to build a better Namati for the future.
  • Had coffee with a senior-level candidate who might be a great match for our growing US Environmental Justice program when she’s available next year.
  • Had a long call with our Network manager, learning about how to navigate our Legal Empowerment Network platform and strategizing about how to find promising candidates who are already very engaged in our issues.
  • Did phone screen interviews with about 18,000 candidates (you might be exaggerating that number, but that’s how it felt).
  • Finalized job descriptions for 2 upcoming roles, providing both content and light copy-editing on the documents to prepare for posting.
  • Spent some time cruising around Twitter, exploring a rabbit-hole of environmental justice networks around the world.

About You

  • Excellent communication and matchmaking skills: You love to connect with people and understand how their perspectives and unique qualities could be elevated. You’re great at articulating our mission, achievements, and culture in a way that helps people understand how they could belong at Namati. You enjoy people – working with them, learning from them – and you’re typically energized by a good conversation.
  • Nimble, creative, skilled project manager: You’re extremely thorough and will follow through on complicated, multi-step processes. And while careful planning and execution define your work, you are positive and graceful when unexpected challenges arise. You quickly reorient and identify the best new course of action.You are able to multitask using sound judgment while remaining detail-oriented.
  • Collaborative and service-oriented: You greet everyone you encounter with a collaborative spirit, kindness, and empathy. You are known as a team-player who brings an “all hands on deck” mindset to all projects — you’re happy to contribute however you can to advance Namati’s mission. You manage collaborative processes confidently and efficiently: you know how to incorporate input from a variety of stakeholders.
  • Growth oriented: You’re always seeking to better yourself and your work, and you will push yourself to the peak of performance to help fulfill our mission. In service of that growth, you welcome and delight in feedback from supervisors, peers, and anyone else.
  • Maturity and discernment: You have several years of experience – perhaps at several workplaces – and have seen a lot of people thrive (and not) in a variety of ways. You trust your instincts, but also understand your biases, and have an expansive and inclusive idea of what it means to “belong” at an organization.


This can be a remote position, open to any location. Preference will be given to candidates based in one of Namati’s global offices in Washington DC, USA or Nairobi, Kenya (please note you must already be legally eligible to work in one of these countries to be considered for the position).

The person hired for this role will be asked to have a flexible schedule to accommodate candidate outreach across global time zones.

Compensation and position structure

We base our compensation on the markets where our staff operate. We work to communicate transparently with candidates (including talking about compensation very early in the process) and will finalize pay and responsibilities based on the qualifications, experience, and country location of the person joining. If you have salary requirements, please share them in your cover letter.

We also offer excellent benefits: while the exact terms vary somewhat based on location, they always include health coverage, generous paid time off, retirement or old-age plan contributions, sick leave, and parental leave— or compensation for the same. All staff also have access to funds for professional development opportunities.

How to apply

Please complete our online application form, including a resume and a cover letter explaining why you’re excited about this role. Namati values clarity, specificity, and authenticity in writing. Applications will be accepted and reviewed from now until December 15th. No phone calls please.

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