1.0 Background

The Carter Center is guided by the principles of our Founders, Jimmy, and Rosalynn Carter. Founded in partnership with Emory University on a fundamental commitment to human rights and the alleviation of human suffering, the Center seeks to prevent and resolve conflicts, enhance freedom and democracy, and improve health.

Since 2006, The Carter Center’s Rule of Law Program (ROL) has worked at the invitation of the government of Liberia to help educate citizens on the rule of law and provide informal justice services to historically marginalized rural citizens. The Carter Center has worked with the post-civil war Liberian government and interested parties to craft and facilitate the implementation of Liberia’s first access to information law.

The Carter Center ROL program currently implements four projects in Liberia: Access to Justice in Liberia; Advancing Citizen Engagement in the Liberian Justice System (ACELJS); Advancing Women’s Right of Access to Information in Liberia, and the Advancing the ​​​Liberian Security Sector Accountability and Public Trust (ALSSAPT) projects. All four projects work in partnership with governments, civil society, and international and regional bodies to improve governance and transform lives through a meaningful right of access to information and justice.

Over the years, The Carter Center has emerged as one of the most respected organizations in Liberia due to its longstanding commitments to serve the people of Liberia and join them in their effort to rebuild the country post-war. The Center seeks to continue serving as an effective and influential organization that contributes to the national response and national development of Liberia. The purpose of this assignment is, therefore, to facilitate and support the development of a well-structured Strategic Plan for the Rule of Law Program in Liberia, that will enable the alignment of efforts, activities, and resources to achieve long-term objectives.

2.0 Objectives

The objective of the assignment is to develop a three-year (September 2022- August 2025) strategic plan for the Carter Center Liberia ROL of Law Country Program informed by the following inputs, which will be summarized by project staff and consultants:

1. Final Evaluation Reports for all four Projects in Liberia

2. Peace Program Strategy

3. Prior program assessment documents

4. Annual progress reports

5. CSO partner reports and other reports provided by stakeholders with data and information related to the Center’s Rule of Law work

6. Other relevant documents, as needed

3.0 Scope of Work

The Strategic Plan (2022-2025) will strengthen Rule of Law Projects by rooting our work in the development of strong partnerships and resource mobilization initiatives aligned to the Center’s mission and the new peace program strategy. It will be critical for the consultant to consider actionable and attainable strategies for collaboration, sustainability, and an exit plan. The scope of work of the Consultant(s) will include, but not be limited to:


· Desk review of documents outlined above and others as necessary.

· Develop methodology for participatory development of the strategic plan by country staff.

· Develop and deliver online survey and subsequent analysis to gather staff input prior to the workshop on possible strategic direction.

In the workshop:

· Guide country staff in exercises that create a strategic plan underpinned by shared vision and values.

· Assist staff to identify focus areas and develop strategic objectives in key result areas.

· Assist staff with stakeholder mapping.

· For each potential intervention area, guide staff through an in-depth analysis of the sociopolitical context, programmatic options, financial opportunities, and the benefits and risks of engagement


· Working with staff, collaboratively draft the strategic action plan with clear deliverables, outcomes, accountability metrics, and key performance indicators.

· Review institutional capacity and country office structure against current mandates and make recommendations for improvement.

· Work with staff to finalize the 2022-2025 strategic plan, including detailed implementation for 2022-2025, and general activities for 2022-2024.

4.0 Deliverables and Timeframes

The LOE for this assignment is 35 working days over 60 days starting upon contract signing, as follows:


OUTPUT (for approval)


Desk review, design and distribute staff survey (online) to guide strategic plan development – Draft survey (4 Days)

Review and analyze survey results; design Workshop – Survey results; Workshop Agenda (4 Days)

Deliver and facilitate Strategic Planning workshop in June – Workshop Report (5 Days)

Draft TCC Liberia Strategic Plan 2022-2025 ensuring staff consultations; facilitating timeline and deadlines for staff drafting as appropriate – Draft Strategic Plan (15 days)

Presentation and Facilitation of Validation Workshop – Workshop Report – 2 Days

Receive and incorporate feedback; Finalize TCC ROL Strategic Plan 2022-2025 – Final Draft Strategic Plan (5 Days)

TOTAL DAYS – 35 Days

5.0 Requirements

Applicants must meet the specific qualifications and experience outlined below. A team of up to 2 consultants with the appropriate mix of experience and expertise will be considered, however, no additional LOE will be provided.

1. Previous substantive experience in the participatory design, review, and formulation of strategic plans for not-for-profit organizations

2. Substantial experience facilitating strategic planning processes and sustainability strategies using participatory approaches for donor-funded project teams in Liberia

3. Proven ability to create surveys that capture staff experience and knowledge to shape a strategic planning process.

4. Self-starter able to prioritize and work with minimum supervision

5. Knowledge of the general social, economic, and political environment that could influence the rule of law landscape in Liberia

6.0 Reporting Arrangements

The Consultant reports to the Atlanta-based Director of the Center’s Rule of Law Program.

How to apply

  1. Selection Criteria

Interested applicants should submit a technical proposal that combines all of the below into one document:

  • A CV, which should be no more than THREE pages
  • TWO-page proposal outlining how their experience satisfies the requirements and will result in the successful achievement of the aims of this consultancy
  • No more than TEN pages of sample(s) of their own previous work. Samples of relevant work include agendas, strategic plans, sustainability/exit plans, and curricula. Samples should clearly indicate the applicant’s role in designing, delivering, and drafting the product.
  • An advanced degree is preferred but not required.

Incomplete applications and applications that do not meet the requirements will not be considered.

The evaluation criteria are:

Category/Maximum Score

Proposed technical approach – 40

Demonstrated experience supported by samples of relevant work – 30

Interview (only for short-listed candidates) – 20

Financial proposal – 10

Total – 100

Interested applicants should submit their applications online at with an indicative budget included in the Expression of Interestby close of business on Friday, May 24, 2022, at 5 PM GMT.

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