The Regional Advocacy Manager (RAM) is a member of the regional team in the International Programmes Department (IPD) of WaterAid (WA). The role of IPD is to support resource and enable the delivery of our Global Strategy at the country, regional and continental levels; and develop and deliver our portfolio of programmes to maximise our impact in realising the rights of those who are marginalised and excluded from access to water, sanitation and hygiene services. The role of the regional team is to support and develop the capacity of our Country Programmes in the region to maximise their impact at the national and regional levels, contribute to the development of a strong WASH sector and thus enable the poor, marginalised and excluded people realise these rights. The Regional Team also has the role to deliver the Global Strategy at the regional level and bring regional perspectives in WA’s Global initiatives. The RAM will also be required to deliver on the regional strategy, supporting the influencing agenda and bringing lessons from across the Country Programmes in the region.

Job Purpose

The Regional Advocacy Manager (RAM) will lead and manage regional initiatives around advocacy, policy analysis and research. S/he will support the Regional Director in the influencing role, and Country Programmes (CPs) to strengthen their advocacy and policy influencing work. S/he will also be the nodal person at the regional level for global advocacy initiatives and work with the Pan Africa Programme Manager (PAPM), RAMs of other Regions to deliver Pan Africa Programme hence achieving WA’s global agenda. The role will also be expected to make significant contributions to our service delivery work drawing on our advocacy and influencing work, exploring regional collaborative opportunities around programme delivery and advocating for change in how WASH is delivered in the region to bring about equitable and permanent change to people living in poverty. S/he will identify key strategic stakeholders to work with and build strong alliances with them to deliver the Regional Policy Influencing Strategy. S/he will report to the Regional Director and will maintain a strong professional and functional relationship with Heads of Policy and Campaigns in the UK, Policy Teams in CPs and across WA members.

Key Accountabilities

Strategic Planning, Leadership and Management

  1. Lead and manage the development and implementation of the regional influencing strategy as reflected in the Regional Strategy (RS) in order to support the delivery of WaterAid’s Global Strategy, ensuring that the RS is aligned with both the Global and Country Strategies.
  2. Contribute to regional team responsibilities such as regional reporting, compilation and dissemination of the regional operational plans, and be an effective member of the Regional Management Team (RMT).
  3. Plan and develop proposals for regional advocacy, influencing, campaigning and research to contribute to the delivery of the Regional Strategy and proactively engage with raising resources for the same
  4. Critically assess strategic opportunities in the countries in the region and support WA to develop its influencing plans and strengthen relationships with governments, donors and other key stakeholders in the sector.
  5. Support Country Programmes within the region to strengthen their advocacy and influencing work, and coordinate capacity building in advocacy and influencing in the CPs and new partners.
  6. Advice Country Programmes and Regional Teams in the development and implementation of high-level strategies and objectives with respect to decisions and commitments on advocacy and policy influencing.
  7. Closely work with the Regional team, lead and co-ordinate the Regional Advocacy, Policy and Campaign working closely with the Regional Communications Manager and all key internal and external stakeholders. Advocacy and Campaigning
  8. Lead in regional as well as a global advocacy and influencing programmes and campaigns on behalf of the region and facilitate support to CPs within the region.
  9. Support and contribute to the development of WA sub-continental influencing initiatives (e.g. EAC, Pan Africa, AU, Regional Media Network, etc) and actively contribute to the agenda-setting process for delivering support for WASH at higher-level meetings.
  10. Contribute to the agenda of the global campaign and support CPs teams and partners in planning, budgeting and rolling out of campaigns including participation in WA’s Global Programme and Advocacy Executive (GPAE). Learning, Research and Knowledge Management
  11. Lead and manage regional initiatives around advocacy, policy analysis and research.
  12. Critically analyse outcomes and impact of WA’s advocacy and policy influencing work in the region in order to document and share key learning and good practice, including for knowledge management, using the organizational PM&E systems and other tools working together with the RPMER person.
  13. Research at least one thematic issue on advocacy and influencing at the regional level, and support and contribute to the thematic work of other champions as may be appropriate. Collaborative Work
  14. Identify and support the development and/or strengthening of regional WASH sector programmes, partnerships and civil society networks.
  15. Lead and support the development of linkages with media, research and academic institutions in countries and the region, and facilitate collaboration in policy development and influence within the region.
  16. Scan the external policy, economic and political environment, critically assess opportunities in the region and identify strategic opportunities and agencies for influencing the regional water, sanitation and hygiene promotion agenda to address the factors that deny poor people’s rights to access improved WASH services.
  17. Maximise WA’s impact by using all appropriate opportunities to advocate and promote WASH externally across the development sector and beyond it.
  18. Coordinate cross-regional and organization-wide advocacy and influencing initiatives relevant to the region and represent the Regional Director in regional and global events as may be delegated by the Regional Director.
  19. Perform any other tasks as may be delegated by the Regional Director.

Person Specification – Education

Essential Desirable Post-graduate / Masters’ Degree in Development Studies, Law, Public policy / Administration or equivalent Postgraduate qualification in a WASH.


How to apply

If you are interested in the position and have the right skills and attributes, please complete our job application form found here Work with us | WaterAid Tanzania and send it to stating RAM in the subject line.