Request for Proposal: Trial Observation for Criminal Cases against Vulnerable Women in Cameroon At American Bar Association

The ABA Center for Human Rights, which is the ABA’s focal point for human rights concerns, conducts trial observations around the world to help ensure the right to a fair and public trial through the impartial administration of justice and the proper functioning of courts. The ABA CHR seeks an individual or organization to identify cases, observe trials, and conduct follow-up advocacy.

Responsibilities will include:

  • Identifying up to 10 potential criminal cases brought against vulnerable women and girls in the

Anglophone region of Cameroon who are being prosecuted for personal relationships with alleged separatists, and preparing a short memorandum summarizing the facts and legal issues of each case so that ABA CHR can decide whether to monitor. * Monitoring trials approved by the ABA CHR in accordance with ABA CHR guidelines, international standards, and OSCE/ICJ guidelines. * Monitoring trials entails: observing every hearing and/or other court procedure of an approved case; taking and submitted detailed notes on hearings; gathering relevant court documents and sending these to ABA CHR; and providing consistent case updates to ABA CHR. * Conducting follow-up advocacy by attending meetings with stakeholders such as defense lawyers, human rights organizations, and state institutions. Contractor may also identify and propose other advocacy opportunities and carry these out as approved by ABA CHR.

An example timeline based on similar past contracts includes:

  • 8 weeks of monitoring criminal proceedings at one or more identified courts—it may be difficult to obtain scheduling information so it will be key to simply show up at courts, primarily in Buea, and check the hearings listed for the day.
  • In turn, organizing and submitting detailed notes on hearings within 3 days of each hearing and gathering and submitting court documents.
  • On an as needed basis, for a range of 8-16 weeks, providing consultation on trial observation report drafts and connect ABA CHR with relevant defense lawyers as well as relevant civil society organizations for meetings.
  • Following the publishing of a report, conduct 2-4 weeks of advocacy by organizing and attending meetings with stakeholders.

How to apply

Please download the application on the ABA CHR career opportunities page here and follow the instructions to apply. Submit your proposal to, CC’ing, in the format outlined in Appendices A-C of the application as well as a resume/CV and a cover letter. The deadline for application is 5:00 PM EST on April 15, 2022.