1.2. The Task

The objective of this consultancy is to facilitate the development of a 5-year Strategic Plan for the Navigators (EPTF) Kenya Trust. The consultancy should utilize a participatory approach where all the relevant stakeholders for EPTF are consulted and their views taken into consideration.

As part of the process, the consultant will conduct a review of the current strategic plan for 2020 – 2022 with a focus on the following:

  1. The impact and sustainability of the outcomes to the beneficiaries/participants;
  2. The vision and calling of the founding organization – The Navigators Kenya;
  3. The reason why EPTF was founded 30 years ago;
  4. The current realities of the social problems in communities in Kenya;
  5. The sustainability of EPTF as an institution and its responsibilities to its stakeholders;
  6. The focus EPTF should embark on in the next 5 years.

1.2 The Process, Coordination & Outcomes

The Consultant (s) will work under the overall leadership of the EPTF Board and in close consultation and coordination with the National Coordinator to plan for and facilitate the strategic planning meetings and the development of the 5-year Strategic Plan. The National Coordinator will facilitate access to relevant information and will arrange for review and key informant meetings with EPTF staff, Board, participant representatives, and any other important contacts as may be determined from the review and context analysis.

The Strategic Plan should give EPTF a clear framework within which to work, incorporating strong sustainability and institutional resilience focus, precisely outlining the pathways of the organization in relation to the new strategic objectives. It is expected that the plan will integrate the forward and onward thinking between ongoing programmatic work, the wider vision of the Navigators Kenya, and the need to be sustainable.

1.3 Specific Terms of Reference & Key Deliverables

The review and planning processes should be structured in a way that supports active learning, team building, and ownership of the new strategy. Therefore, all the activities at all stages of the review and development process must be a participatory, multi-stakeholder process and must involve the Consultant(s) consulting with EPTF’s key stakeholders. In consultation with the Board and National Coordinator, the consultant will be responsible for carrying out the following activities:

  1. Submit within 5 working days from the start of the assignment an inception report that incorporates the final work plan, final description of approaches and methodologies, field data collection plan and tools, and detailed description of each of the deliverables as per item 3.0
  2. Conduct desk review of relevant documents on EPTF including the website and the current 3-year strategic plan.
  3. Conduct field data collection based on agreed contacts and stakeholders list developed in close consultations with EPTF Board and National Coordinator.
  4. Facilitate and generate outputs from relevant consultation workshops/meetings with staff, board, beneficiaries, and stakeholders of EPTF as required, capturing relevant information including the following:
  • Analysis of EPTF’s institutional strengths and weaknesses.
  • Environmental scan and analysis of significant opportunities and threats facing EPTF
  • Identification of key success factors for EPTF to deliver on its mandate.
  • Identification of thematic areas that will guide priority setting for EPTF.
  • Formulation of strategic options and selecting appropriate strategies to meet them.
  • Identification of the principal partners and focus participants/communities for successful implementation of the EPTF strategy.
  • Establishment of accurate controls for monitoring and evaluating the performance of the strategic plan as well as impact assessment.
  1. Hold periodic monitoring and progress review meetings with the National Coordinator every week or as necessary during this consultancy
  2. Lead stakeholder consultations, to discuss and crystalize thoughts around the impact of EPTF’s past projects, and key thematic areas to focus on for the impact and sustainability of EPTF including setting targets (balanced scorecard) and the ideal organogram to support the SP.
  3. Develop a Performance Management Tool
  4. Draft an ideal organogram to support the SP
  5. Upon completion of the assignment, handover of all materials, tools, data, and information on persons involved to EPTF.

How to apply

Interested applicants should submit their proposals (technical and financial), CVs of the key team members, references, and daytime contacts by email to:

by 05th September 2022 indicating on the subject of the email “STRATEGIC PLAN DEVELOPMENT” and quoting the reference EPTF/2023-2027/SP

Proposals will be reviewed as they are received. If you have already submitted your proposal, there is no need to reapply.


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