Request for Proposals: Web Application Development At FHI 360

Request for Proposals: Can you build our Web Application?

FHI 360, a health NGO with a regional office in Bangkok, is requesting that Web Developers submit fixed-cost proposals for the development of a new web application that will help people track their success in following up on clinic visits.

We are requesting that web developers follow the following steps to submit a proposal for this contract:

  1. Read the attached Scope of Work document, to understand the requirements of the development work :
  2. Submit your proposal to the email address below. Your proposal should include the following:

a. A short technical proposal (3 pages maximum) that explains the methods, platforms, libraries, and other technical approaches that your company will use to build the application that is described in the attached SOW. This document should include description of the proposed web application platform that would be used, and also other basic information about the approach to building this application.

b. A one-page cost proposal, which specifies the firm, fixed-price cost that your company would charge for:

i. (1) the full development, implementation, and launch of the application,

ii. (2) continued basic technical support services (for fixing minor bugs and technical issues, not new features) that continue from the day of launch until 31 December 2022.

Other Notes:

A. The requested application is only a web application, not a mobile application or any other type of application.

B. The tools and platforms proposed by the developer must be 100% open source and 100% free of any licensing cost or additional fees.

C. The proposed application and its platforms must be able to be installed on a typical cloud hosting service that will be procured by FHI 360, and not require special infrastructure beyond cPanel, PHP, Javascript, and other platform elements that are easily installed on typical cloud hosting services.

D. The only costs paid to the developer must be the costs specified in the Cost Proposal submitted by the developer. There will be no other payments related to other services, subscriptions, infrastructure, tools, etc.

E. Web hosting, SMS vendors, and other vendors will be purchased by FHI’s own team, not by the web developer.

How to apply

How to submit the proposal:

A. Send to: Send the full Technical Proposal and Cost Proposal to

B. Due Date: The submission must be received in the email before 6pm UTC + 7:00 on October 6, 2021.

C. Length limits: See above. The technical proposal must be 3 pages or less. The cost proposal should be 1 page.

D. Questions: If you have questions, send them to the above email address.

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