Request for Quotation (RFQ) for Systematic review of evaluations by H2H Network member organizations (DRC HQ) At H2H network

The H2H Network seeks proposals from consultants to conduct a systematic review of relevant
evaluations, reviews and other learning products developed across the membership to date. The
consultant will be expected to map out the available evidence base, critically appraise it and
synthesize the results. Findings will be presented in one report, identifying pattern and themes,
systemic issues and making overarching recommendations.

In 2021, the network has entered a phase of strategic planning and development to guide the
network and its members toward the next stage of growth. The main use of the review will be at H2H
Network level, to inform the way forward. The narrative coming out of the review is expected to be
of utility for wider external relations. The review findings will also make it easier for the H2H Network
to advocate for the mainstreaming of a stand-alone H2H category in the sector.

The review will cover the whole period the H2H Network has been active from 2016 to date. It will
review and critically appraise relevant evaluation, review and learning products developed by H2H
Network member organizations. The review will focus predominantly on the value-add of the H2H
organization model in action.

The following key documents form the basis of the document review.

  1. Evaluations, reviews and other learning products developed by H2H Network member
    Selection will be based on identified criteria agreed upon with the Reference Group.
  2. H2H Network value proposition and pitch
  3. H2H Network strategic direction
  4. H2H Theory of Change, evidence and learning questions

The total expected duration to complete the assignment will be no more than 20 working days.
The consultant shall be prepared to complete the assignment no later than end February 2022

How to apply

Interested consultant(s) should submit the following documents to by Monday
9th December 2021 23:59 (GMT+1) latest:

  • Signed Annex A RFQ (cost offer) consisting of an all inclusive daily consulting fee for the
    proposed number of working days. The daily fee is to include all institutional overheads and
    management cost, if any.
  • A financial breakdown (optional)
  • Signed Annex D Supplier Code of Conduct
  • Drafted and signed Annex E Supplier Registration Form
  • Updated CV
  • One or more work sample(s) demonstrating the relevant required competencies

See the FULL TENDER PACKAGE here: RFQ Reference no.: RFQ-DKHQ-EKL-PR_00176152

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