Research Consultancy for anti-corruption monitoring report on Burkina Faso At Transparency International

1. General Information

Title of Consultancy: One research consultant for writing up the IACC anti-corruption monitoring report on Burkina Faso, 2018-2021

Closing Date: 10 December 2021 (applications get reviewed on a rolling basis, earlier applications will get preferential treatment)

Consultancy Start and End Date: End of December 2021 – Mid March 2022

Total amount of working days: 13-18 days

Location of Consultancy: Remote

2. Background

During the 18th IACC in Copenhagen, 19 countries and 10 international and regional organisations made a set of commitments on the steps each intend to take to make progress in anti-corruption, based on existing commitments (OGP action plans, UK summit, UNCAC, OECD instruments, SDGs, etc.). Participants agreed to set up a follow-up mechanism, the IACC Monitor, coordinated by TI-S, engaging all stakeholders (including governments, international and regional organisations, companies and civil society) in monitoring the implementation of these commitments.

The IACC Monitoring Report aims to capture the context and conditions under which commitments are being implemented as well as progress in the implementation of the commitments themselves. It is not designed to compare commitment implementation across countries/organisations or as the basis for any kind of index. Rather it is designed to support the identification of challenges and opportunities, and the development of recommendations on how commitment implementation can be accelerated under existing conditions and thereby strengthen the evidence-based advocacy work of the TI movement.

3. Objective & Deliverables

The objective of this consultancy is to draw up the IACC Monitoring report, 2018-2021 for Burkina Faso (10 commitments to monitor) (depending on local language skills and/or knowledge/experience of the country context)

The expected deliverables are:

  • A research plan including a stakeholder mapping and final timeline within the tentative timeline
  • A draft monitoring report for review (using a template provided by TI and following the IACC monitoring methodology and comments by TI)
  • A final report (you can have a look at our IACC Monitor website for final reports of other countries that have been created so far)

All deliverables are to be submitted in English, in electronic form (in word and excel for OS Windows compatible), in accordance with the deadlines agreed. The consultant is responsible for editing and quality control of language. The final report should be presented in a way that directly enables publication.

The research should abide by ethical protocols, including participant confidentiality and privacy if they require that. TI retains the sole rights with respect to all distribution, dissemination and publication of the deliverables.

Guidance and quality insurance:

  • The findings should be referenced.
  • Libel should be avoided.
  • The consultant should use the TI IACC report template and style guide.

4. Methodology

The monitoring will be conducted according to the IACC Monitor Methodology using a country evaluation template provided by TI-S. The finalised reports and monitoring results will then be uploaded to the IACC monitor platform:

The researcher can make use of the following research methods:

  • Desk-research/ Online-research (e.g. official websites, news articles, civil society reports or third-party reports, studies or research on thematic areas related to the commitments)
  • Interviews (with representatives of authorities and non-governmental stakeholders)

5. Tentative timeline

For full timeline please see the tender on our website

6. Selection Criteria

The Consultant should have the following qualifications:

  • An advanced university degree in a relevant academic field (economics, political science, statistics, sociology or other related fields).
  • Knowledge/Experience of the context in Burkina Faso related to governance/anti-corruption challenges.
  • Substantive and demonstrable experience in conducting research on anti-corruption commitments or any kind of similar work with transferrable skills.
  • Excellent understanding of anti-corruption, governance and other related issues.
  • Experience in conducting research interviews .
  • Experience in working with government authorities is an advantage. Experience with officials and contacts in the country is a strong advantage.
  • Fluency in written and spoken English; & French.
  • Ability to guarantee complete confidentiality.

7. Remuneration and Cost

The Consultants should provide their estimated total fee as a lump sum or as standard daily or hourly rates as gross inclusive of taxes and other charges. The Consultant should also provide a detailed breakdown of all their estimated costs.

How to apply

The application should include the following documents in English:

  • A letter/email describing your motivation and qualifications for the assignment in a few sentences (indicating which country you are applying for);
  • Curriculum vitae;
  • A cost estimate of the above-mentioned services and outputs;
  • Two examples of and references to other similar work that has been undertaken previously.

Please email your application package in English by close of business on 10 December (applications get reviewed on a rolling basis, earlier applications will get preferential treatment) to Please indicate “Research Consultancy IACC Monitor – Burkina Faso” in the subject line of your email application. Please note that only shortlisted applicants will be contacted.

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