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Terms of Reference SJAK/PROC/9/22-23 Road show Event Management Tender Road show Event management in Kiambu, Embu, Meru, Nyeri St John Ambulance Kenya with support from Johanniter International Assistance.

1 Synopsis of the tender Opportunity (Registered firm)

Solicitation Reference No. SJAK/PROC/9/22-23

Title of Solicitation

Road Show Event Management Duration of the Assignment 9 days Point of contact for clarifications, questions, and amendments St John Ambulance Kenya procurement, Email Address for submission of Proposals/ Quotes St John Ambulance Kenya General Procurement

Solicitation Issue Date 26/10/2022

Initial Deadline for Submission of Proposals 9/11/2022

Anticipated Award Type Contract

Submission and Evaluation Criteria

Mandatory Eligibility Requirement

i. Must be a Registered firm

ii. Where applying provide a company profile and CVs of Key Personnel, with a minimum of three references with full contact details of previously done, completed and certified assignments.

iii. the Consulting firm, must provide the certificate of Incorporation/ Business Registration/ valid tax compliance certificate

2 Terms of Reference

1. Background and Rationale.

St John Ambulance is a first aid and health charity organization incorporated in the Republic of Kenya under the St John Ambulance of Kenya Act, Cap. 259 of the Laws of Kenya with mandates to provide emergency medical support to communities promote charitable works aimed at reducing human suffering and provide technical reserves to the medical services of the Government and security agencies of Kenya among other functions. Road Traffic injuries (RTIs) are among the ten leading causes of death worldwide. They impede the economic wellbeing and macroeconomic performance of Nations, causing more than 1.35million deaths a year and 20-50 million injured or disabled persons, majority of whom are economically active and working population. In Kenya, about 3,000 road deaths occur annually and cost the country up to Kshs.300 Billion (about 5% of GDP). Statistics from the Department of Civil Registration show that about 6,500 persons die because of road traffic injury every year and many more are injured. Low levels of road safety awareness among road users, increase in motorization without commensurate improvement in road safety strategies and land use planning are other compounding factors. These losses are tragic hence the urgent need for action to mainstream road safety to improve the situation. There are a number of road safety risk factors that have been found to cause these crashes and injuries. These range from speeding, driver fatigue, drunk driving, inadequacies in driver training and recruitment, road engineering challenges, environmental conditions, low levels of awareness on road safety, vehicle conditions among others. In view of the above, St john with support from Johanniter International Assistance plans to conduct Road show campaign on Road safety in Kiambu, Embu, Meru and Nyeri counties from 20th -24th November 2022. 3

1.1. Overall Objective

To create Road safety awareness among the communities living within the prioritized counties.

1.2 Specific Objectives of the road shows event are:

i. To provide road safety information for road users living in the selected counties

ii. To encourage safer road user behavior among current and prospective road users

iii. To reduce the number of people killed and injured on the roads every year.

2. Deliverables.

The applicant shall deliver the following:

  • Detailed work plan for the 9 days’ assignment including planning meetings, reporting which includes 4 days for the show in the 4 Counties
  • One (1) event successfully planned, managed, and executed.
  • Post-event Report, detailing lessons learned, suggestions for future events and post followup recommendations.
  • 4 days Roadshow event in the selected 4 counties

2.1 Responsibilities of the event manager for the road show

I. Provide security during the road shows/engagement of police officers to provide security during all the 4 events

II. Provide 40 foot show van/Caravan to be used during the Road show for the 4 days of the road shows which should include cost of the driver, fuel, TLB (Transport licensing Board) certificate, spare tyre, First aid kit, valid drivers licence,

III. Branding of the road show van with St John Ambulance colors and event theme

IV. Provide entertainers/ dancers/comedians during the event in all the 4 Counties.

V. Source for relevant Required licenses and permits both at the county and national government agencies in Kiambu, Embu, Meru and Nyeri Counties

VI. Provide good sound/public address system, DJ and a Master of Ceremony (MC) for the event.

VII. provide 2 brand ambassadors to enhancest john,BMZ and joahnniter Brands

VIII. Provide final event report to St john ambulance 4

2.2 Responsibilities of St. John:

I. Provide first aiders during the event, there are the volunteers in each of the 4 Counties.

II. Conduct first Aid demonstration during the Road shows

III. Ensure timely payment for the event management consultant

IV. Coordinate with the consultant to get approval to conduct the road show events e.g with the County Government where road shows are happening, especially the police, NTSA, NEMA, County commissioner and other relevant bodies 3.Duration of Assignment. This is a 9-day assignment, with the assignment break down as below; 1) 2 days for preparation period 2) 4- day for the Road shows across the 4 counties. 3 days for final event Report

3. Qualifications and Experience of Consultant

The consultancy firm must demonstrate experience and expertise as follows:

i. Over 3 years of communications and events experience, including design and management

ii. Customer service skills.

iii. Creative design skills in outdoor Event Production.

iv. Background training and working knowledge in emerging technologies, and methodologies for physical engagement and communications would be highly desirable.

v. Experience in crowd mobilization entertainment

vi. Experience in designing and managing Road show events.

vii. Ability to work on tight schedules and under pressure to produce desired results

viii. Knowledge of English and Swahili languages. Local language(s) knowledge is desirable but not a must especially for the MC of the event.

4. Application requirement.

i. A technical proposal detailing understanding of the task, proposed methodologies of the consultancy, expected activities and deliverables (Must be submitted in PDF format).

ii. Financial proposal submitted in KES and not any other currency. Fees, logistics for the team, and transport of the equipment,

iii. A detailed work plan for the activity to be carried out in the 9 days as per the contract

iv. the applicant must provide a Certificate of Incorporation/Business Registration and tax compliance certificate

5. Professional references:

Please provide at least 3 references with full contact details and short write up of previously completed assignments for both event management and evidence for previous tasks in event management

Financial proposal should include costs of the following expenditures:

  1. DJ 2. Event MC
  2. Security personnel facilitation in each County during the road shows
  3. Caravan Hire for the road shows and related costs
  4. Branding,
  5. Entertainment crew-dancers and actors
  6. Brand ambassador-2 persons
  7. Permits and licences

Please note St. John Ambulance will not take care of any logistics and personal costs related to this Assignment, the applicant should have this factored in their financial proposal.

6. Evaluation Criteria:

Evaluation Criteria Sub criteria/Description Score Consultant Academic and Professional Qualification

i. 3+ years of communications and events experience, including design and management

ii. Creative design skills in outdoor Event Production.

iii. At least 3 years of experience in events management

iv. Background training and working knowledge in emerging technologies, and methodologies for physical engagement and communications would be highly desirable.

v. Experience in crowd mobilization entertainment 30%

Consultant Prior Work Experience

i. Experience in corporate event management

ii. Sample of at least 3 similar road shows events undertaken in the 4 target Counties with references

iii. Knowledge and understanding of theories, concepts, and approaches relevant to event management.

iv. 3 contact of referees/previous clients 25% 6 Methodology/Approach Understanding of the terms of reference that includes:

I. Outline of methodology and approach of implementing this assignment.

II. Proposed assignment plan that includes clear timelines for the assignment that demonstrates the understanding of the assignment expectation.

III. Detailed financial proposal and budget breakdown based on expected daily rates and initial work plan. The budget should be inclusive of all costs required to complete the activities, such as logistics.

IV. Detailed technical Proposal Maximum 10 pages 35%

Language and analytical skills

i. Strong analytical and information presentation skills

ii. Fluency in English and Swahili is mandatory.

iii. Highly detail-oriented.

10% Only consultants scoring 75% or above will be invited to participate in the next round of procurement: presentation of technical bids. N/B There will be no financial negotiations for this TOR, as per The German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) guidelines.

How to apply

Application procedure Please send in a short but detailed technical and cost proposal with an itemized budget and the proposed timeframe in response to the above scope and intended deliverables to The email submission should have the words ‘’SJAK/PROC/9/22-23 Road show Event Management’’ as the subject line of your email response by 11:59 pm East African Time on 9th November 2022


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