Senior Officer – National Society Development at International Federation of Red Cross And Red Crescent Societies

Officer, Humanitarian Diplomacy (National), Bujumbura, Burundi at IFRC - International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies

Job Purpose

Under the direction of the Head of North Africa Delegation, the key role of the NSD Officer is to support 3 National Society in strengthening their internal capacity through targeted support on National Society leadership, integrity, accountability, financial sustainability, branch development, (volunteering and youth development) in line with the operational plan and NSD identified priorities.

The NSD Officer will report to the IFRC Head of North Africa Delegation with a technical line to the regional NSD coordinator. The NSD Officer is accountable to NA NS technical group on NSD through regular reporting. The position is located in the IFRC North Africa Delegation in Tunis.

Job Duties and Responsibilities

The senior NSD Officer will ensure high quality NSD support:

  • To support the Strategic Planning in National Societies (includes the identification and incorporation into planning of NSD components).
  • To accompany and support regional leadership initiatives in mentoring and governance including Movement Induction Courses
  • Provide support on the assessment of the NS needs and planning for their sustainable self-development at national and local/branch/affiliate level. This includes drawing on analysis from the Federation Databank and Reporting System (FDRS), the Organizational Capacity Assessment and Certification Process (OCAC), Preparedness for Effective response
  • Advise and support National Societies on how to prevent, mitigate and address institutional risks, protect integrity against fraud and corruption and promote accountability at all levels using the instruments, policies and resources available in the International Federation, and in each NS and each country’s legislation.
  • Enhance National Society services capacities to make them more efficient and sustainable and support new models of NS business growth and generation of resources.
  • Conduct relevant training and induction ensuring that all National Societies’ components are well trained to carry out their roles effectively.
  • Facilitate applications for the Empress Shoken Fund, National Society Investment Alliance fund (NSIA) and the Capacity Building Fund (CBF) and follow their implementation.
  • Act as a focal point in OD matters by advising and referring them to the right source of information, or to the better positioned party to assist them.

Work with IFRC functional departments to ensure high-quality support to 2 National Society

  • Maintain good working relationships and ensure timely two-way communication with other technical departments, overseeing functional programmatic support to 2 National Societies.

Support other Movement actors and other interested actors to ensure high-quality NSD support to 2 NS

  • Maintain good working relationships and ensure timely two – way communication with the colleagues managing National Societies/organisational development and the movement partners operating in Tunisia and in Morocco
  • Work with NSs colleagues and movement partners individually and collectively to ensure a coherent NS development offer in line with the NS development Framework.
  • Maintain good working relationships and ensure timely two-way communication with other Movement actors/partners (ICRC & PNSs in country) overseeing programmatic and functional support.
  • Work with these colleagues individually and collectively to ensure a coherent IFRC NS development in line with the 2013 NS development Framework.

Job Duties and Responsibilities (continued)

Maintain, develop, and share relevant learning related to National Society development

  • Maintain up to date personal expertise in at least three specialist areas (legal frameworks, resource mobilization and financial sustainability, volunteer management, youth development, sustainability of NSs`, branch development, governance, and leadership. etc.) of National Society development.
  • Support processes to expand and share NSD knowledge through development of research, case studies, training, etc. and identify, document, and validate relevant knowledge and learning and making it available to the NSs and its Movement partners. Collect, document, and validate outcomes and learnings of individual support interventions and aggregate the data and findings to higher levels.
  • Collate relevant data through, FDRS and other existing data collection systems and analyse and interpret key patterns and systemic organisational weaknesses, to better focus the secretariat’s support to National Society development.
  • Assure quality of new IFRC and other tools, and their alignment with the National Society Development Framework

Contribute to an effective, high-quality global NS development team:

  • Be accountable to your team manager by providing progress reports on results against objectives, and risk analysis.
  • Be flexible in your work definition according to needs and targets, and work to improve team efficiencies and effectiveness.
  • Be a pro-active team member fostering a customer service-oriented culture, critical thinking and continuous improvement, innovation, high performance, and cost effectiveness.
  • Foster a supportive and mutually respectful environment with colleagues in the Secretariat, Regions and National Societies.


  • Relevant university degree or equivalent in social science, development studies, quality and organizational management, or business development – Required

Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO)

Digital Communications Officer at ActionAid International

Compliance Director at Achieving Health Nigeria Initiative (AHNi)

Senior Technical Officer – Prevention, Care & Treatment at Achieving Health Nigeria Initiative (AHNi)

WHE Team Lead at World Health Organization (WHO)

Field Coordinator at World Health Organization (WHO)

Field Security Officer at World Health Organization (WHO)

Regional Marketing Officer, SSA (Exams and Cultural Engagement) at British Council

Senior Technical Advisor, HIV Prevention at Pathfinder International

Associate Director, Pharmaceutical Care and Supply Chain Management at Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO)


  • 5+ years proven experience in successfully facilitating organizational and capacity development processes, leadership development and change management – Required
  • Minimum 3 years’ experience working in a membership or volunteer-based organization at senior level – Required
  • Proven successful experience in strategy development, implementation and monitoring – Required
  • Proven successful experience in resource mobilization, partnership development and institutional communication**- Required**
  • Minimum 3 years’ experience in the application of the various Federation tools – Preferred
  • Technical expertise in at least two areas of non-profit management and development, which could include (but not be limited to): Governance, Leadership development, strategy, membership development, volunteering development, branch development, youth organisation development, financial systems development, volunteer programme design – Preferred
  • Experience as a volunteer in the RCRC – Preferred

Knowledge, Skills and Language

  • Excellent consulting and management skills – Required
  • Ability to work with leadership and senior management of an organization – Required
  • Ability to manage and transfer knowledge and develop skills in others – Required
  • Ability to work in a multicultural environment and can demonstrate cultural sensitivity – Required
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills – Required
  • Able to build partnerships and network effectively and to influence and inspire others including the membership, governments, other agencies, and own peers, staff, and partners – Required
  • Focused on quality and standards, results, accountability and integrity – Required
  • Teamwork and trust-building for inclusive National Society relations – Required
  • Proactive and demand-driven approach to finding creative and constructive solutions to difficult issues – Required


  • Fluent spoken and written English and French – Required
  • Good command of Arabic – Required


More Information

  • Job City Tunis
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