Service Support in Air Operations & Technical Compliance Activities at CTG Global

CTG overview:

  • CTG staff and support humanitarian projects in fragile and conflict-affected countries around the world, providing a rapid and cost-effective service for development and humanitarian missions. With past performance in 17 countries – from the Middle East, Africa, Europe, and Asia, we have placed more than 20,000 staff all over the world since operations began in 2006.
  • CTG recruits, deploys and manages the right people with the right skills to implement humanitarian and development projects, from cleaners to obstetricians, and mechanics to infection specialists, we’re skilled in emergency response to crises such as the Ebola outbreak in West Africa. Key to successful project delivery is the ability to mobilise at speed; CTG can source and deploy anyone, anywhere, in less than 2 weeks and have done so in 48 hours on a number of occasions.
  • Through our efficient and agile HR, logistical and operational services, CTG saves multilateral organisations time and money. We handle all our clients’ HR related issues, so they are free to focus on their core services.

Overview of position:

  • CTG is looking to contract an experienced Service Support in Air Operations & Technical Compliance Activities for our operations in Mali.

Services in support to all aviation planning & scheduling activities:

  • Draft flight planning in the most cost effective way.
  • Coordinate duties according to crew rest & duty time regulations of aircrew.
  • Provide expertise in tasking airframes considering type of aircraft, fuel capacity, capacity of landing sites, availability of refuelling facilities & contract / LOA flight hours & maintenance requirements & schedules.
  • Draft the DFS & ATO to be submitted to Chief MAOC / Air Region for validation. Then, CAVO approval by 12 hrs daily, 1 working day prior to the execution date (on Fridays for the Saturdays, Sundays & Mondays DFS). Same applies for official UN holidays.

Aircraft dispatching services:

  • Deliver services & support by providing effective airfield services for aircraft duly tasked as per Department of Field Services (DFS) aviation.
  • Manual, ICAO standards & recommended practices, IATA rules & host country’s Aeronautical Information Publications (AIPs).
  • Support in providing updated briefing to aircrew & provide expertise with regard to the required information & data which has to be passed to aircrew scheduled to fly, as a minimum, the following data shall be briefed / provided. ATC information review including airspace restrictions, NOTAMS, etc.
  • Deliver services & support air operations activities in compliance with DFS, SOP, UN directives, Chief MAOC & Chief Air Operations directives, ICAO, IATA & Malian Civil aviation standards, practices, procedures & regulations.

Services in support to all aviation following & scheduled flights:

  • Deliver the flight following & radio room communication services.
  • Before commencing flight operations every morning, checks & tests all relevant equipment & log their serviceability (prior flight operations, check serviceability of all relevant equipment & log).
  • At any time keep track of UN aircraft within & outside the mission area.
  • Monitor & control all communication with UN aircraft to ensure that all missions are executed safely & in accordance with ICAO regulations, DPKO aviation manual.

Service support in of technical compliance activities:

  • Provide planning expertise & assistance in the coordination of air transportation activities / air operations with respect to mission’s / organization’s requirements & in accordance with the DPKO aviation manual, DFS aviation safety program, Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), international regulations & local area procedures.
  • Provide technical expertise & assistance during aircraft & aircrews inspections to ensure compliance with the provisions of aviation contracts for operational & administrative acceptance in accordance with the long term aircraft charter agreements or Letters of Assists (LOAs) randomly upon operational demands & requirements.
  • Provide technical expertise & assistance in the monitoring of aircraft worthiness & certification compliance.
  • Provide technical expertise in the processing, verification & submission of invoices, After Mission Reports (AMR) & other related documentation (AURs) on weekly basis.
  • Technical processing of AUR data (the hours flown, fuel taken, cargo).
  • Assists in monitoring of monthly submission of crew attendance, aircraft maintenance plan & crew rotation documentation on monthly basis.
  • Compiles crew & aircraft flying hour’s records & updating the related databases in shared drive on daily basis.
  • Provide any other required expertise & services upon demand on the area of assignment, technical compliance.

Project reporting:

  • This role reports to the line manager.


  • Must have relevant qualifications.


  • Must have relevant experience.


  • Must be fluent in English.

Team management:

  • This role has no team management responsibility.

Further information:

  • Qualified female candidates are encouraged to apply for this role.


More Information

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