Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights Social Norms Research Documentation in Kenya Consultancy at Planned Parenthood Federation

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The international division of Planned Parenthood Federation of America, Planned Parenthood

Global (“PPG”) is issuing this Request for Proposals (“RFP”) for the project Sexual and

Reproductive Health and Rights Social Norms Research Documentation in Kenya


Headquartered in New York, New York,with offices in Nairobi, Kenya, Planned Parenthood

Global Inc. is the international arm of Planned Parenthood Federation of America, Inc., the

United States’ leading provider and advocate of high-quality, affordable health care for people,

as well as the nation’s largest provider of sex education. For 50 years, Planned Parenthood

Global has worked overseas to break down barriers to health care. In partnership with more

than 70 organizations across Africa and Latin America, we advance the health and rights of

young people, women, and families, with an emphasis on those most historically marginalized.

For more information about Planned Parenthood Global, please visit our website.

In 2020, Planned Parenthood Global funded a research study in Mombasa County, Kenya, that

aimed to understand public opinion on a myriad of sexual and reproductive health and rights

topics, including but not limited to, general SRHR service provision by the county Government

of Mombasa, comprehensive sexuality education, termination of pregnancies, contraceptives,

and youth-specific access to these services. Quantitative data was collected from a

representative sample of 1,031 respondents by conducting Computer Assisted Telephone

Interviews (CATI). From this research, data was analyzed in SPSS and a slide deck was created

with the findings.

In parallel, PPG also worked alongside IPSOS Kenya to conduct qualitative research on

community and public perceptions and misconceptions about abortion among selected

communities in Nairobi, Mombasa, and Nakuru counties.


2-3 months


PP Global is now interested in engaging a consulting individual or firm to:

  1. Review the qualitative and quantitative research reports.
  2. Analyze and summarize the findings and results from the reports.
  3. Document the key findings and results in a myriad of formats for a variety of audiences,

including but not limited to policy briefs, community stakeholder briefs, abstracts for national or

international conferences, and peer-reviewed journal articles.

  1. Lead the validation workshop by sharing the results and findings
  2. Develop a messaging framework for testing in Kenya.
  3. Conduct additional research in the form of interviews may be required.

A successful component of this work will be to document the elements of the work which made

the process successful. Key questions to consider include “What was learned during this

research? What were the key components of success? What were the challenges and how

were they overcome? How would another group of people replicate this work?”

5.0 Preferred Qualifications and Experience of the consultant(s)

  1. A recognized university degree in public health, communication, anthropology, sociology,

or related social science discipline.

  1. Minimum 7 years of work experience in the field of sexual and reproductive health.
  2. Ability to review complex and completed research (both qualitative and quantitative) to

establish key findings that are mutually reinforcing

  1. Ability to triangulate qualitative findings with quantitative research
  2. Experience analyzing a complex, quantitative data set, ideally using SPSS.
  3. Ability to take a large amount of data and research and distill the key findings for a

variety of different audiences and stakeholders.

  1. Proven track record of writing and submitting scientific publications and abstracts, and

policy briefs.

  1. Experience crafting communication campaign messaging based on research.
  2. Experience working in Kenya, and an understanding of the Kenyan context around sexual

and reproductive health and rights.

  1. Specific experience in Mombasa county, Kenya, is desirable.


Submission Requirements

To be considered responsive, a proposal must contain the following, prefaced by a

table of contents, referenced by number and in the order below. Respondents will also be

required to complete and submit the information requested in the appendices section.

6.1 Proposal Format

i) Technical Content of the Proposal (70 points)

All Proposals must be submitted within the prescribed format to facilitate objective review. Any

Proposal that materially deviates from this format will be rejected without further consideration of

its content. Proposals that contain false or misleading statements or that provide references that

do not support an attribute or condition claimed by the Respondent will be rejected. Narratives

should provide a concise description of capabilities to satisfy the requirements of this RFP.

Emphasis should be on clarity, brevity and completeness of response.

Your Proposal must contain all the information specifically required by this RFP or must

acknowledge any information that is not applicable or is otherwise omitted. PPG reserves the

right not to consider any additional information or materials included in or submitted with your

Proposal. Your Proposal must be e-signed by an authorized representative of your firm.

The Respondents Proposal shall contain the following:

a. Cover Letter – The Proposal must be accompanied by a transmittal letter that designates the

name, physical address, e-mail address, and the telephone number of the person or persons

available for contact concerning the response and who is authorized to make representations on

behalf of the Respondent’s organization.

b.. Introduction – Include any introductory remarks, not to exceed 2 pages, deemed

appropriate. Briefly discuss such topics as the Respondent’s background, management,

facilities, staffing, related experience and financial stability.

c.. Scope of Work – Provide a narrative, not to exceed 3 pages, describing the general

conceptual approach to the delivery of specific services and any other information the

Respondent believes is relevant. Please include previous work that demonstrates your ability to

carry out the objectives of the consultancy.

d.. Budget – Specify which Requested Services are included in the base fee for your scope of

services. Specify any Requested Services that are not included in your scope of services or that

would be available on a separate fee-for-service basis. Responses must include information

regarding the proposed amount of compensation for services, either as a lump sum, by hourly

rate or by other criteria. In setting forth such information, separate the current fiscal year fee

from the fee for the next two fiscal years. The figures provided should include all itemized

fees/costs, such as travel. Pricing schedules shall cover a 1 year period. All of the Respondent’s

costs should be included in the pricing, as outlined above, and consistent with the requirements

outlined throughout this RFP. The pricing must be inclusive of all applicable taxes, exchange

rates and/or international and domestic banking fees .

6.2 Proposal Development Costs

All costs and expenses incurred by the consultant(s) in connection with preparing,

developing and/or submitting a Proposal, any in-person presentation, or negotiations

concerning a definitive agreement, will be your sole responsibility regardless of whether

your proposal is selected or not. No such costs or expenses may be recouped through

any fees for the Requested Services.

6.3 Questions & Answers

All questions are to be submitted in writing to the RFP contact by no later than Friday,

April 29th at 12:00 noon EAT. Inquiries and responses will be recorded at Planned

Parenthood Global’s discretion.

6.4 Other Terms of Submission

Nothing contained in this RFP or implied by the Proposed Evaluation Process outlined

above shall create any obligation on the part of Planned Parenthood Global to select

any consultant for the requested Services. Planned Parenthood Global reserves the

right at its sole discretion to select any consultant on any basis that it deems appropriate

(whether or not such basis is price), to decide not to select an organization or to

otherwise modify its approach to the project


A. Evaluation Process and Highest Scored Bidder

An evaluation team will review, in detail, all proposals that are received to determine the Highest

Scored Bidder (“HSB”). Following the initial review and screening of the written Proposals, using

the selection criteria several bidders may be invited to participate in the final selection process,

which may include participation in an oral presentation and/or submission of any additional

information as requested by PPG.

PPG reserves the right to determine the suitability of proposals on the basis of a proposal’s

meeting administrative requirements, technical requirements, the review team’s assessment of

the quality and performance of the equipment and services proposed, and cost. During the

evaluation process, PPG may require a bidder’s representative to answer questions with regard

to the proposal and/or require certain bidders to make a formal presentation to the evaluation


PPG may also have discussions with those bidders falling within a competitive range, request

revised pricing offers from such bidders, and/or conduct negotiations thereafter. This Request

for Proposal does not commit PPG to awarding a Contract. Bidders shall bear all costs incurred

in the preparation of the Proposal and participating in the Proposal evaluation process. PPG

reserves the right to reject any and all Proposals, to accept the Proposal it considers most

favorable in its sole discretion, and to waive minor irregularities. PPG further reserves the right

to seek new Proposals when such procedure is considered by it to be in the best interest of


B. Final contractor Selection

One or more proposals evaluated to be the most advantageous to PPG will be recommended

for contract award.

7.1 Other Notes on contractor Selection

As a part of this review and evaluation, PPG may require respondents to clarify the information

submitted on their proposals. This clarification process may be conducted through written or

electronic correspondence and/or through an interview with PPG’s RFP Evaluation Team.

Demonstrations will not be extended to all respondents that submit a proposal, and as such, it is

in the respondent’s best interest to submit a thorough and complete proposal.

PPG reserves the right to name a date at which all responding contractors will be invited to

present demonstrations. PPG does not agree to reach a decision by any certain date although it

is hoped the evaluation and selection will be completed by the date identified in the Selection

Timeline noted in this RFP.

A proposal may be rejected if it is determined that a contractor’s ability to work with the existing

infrastructure will be too limited or difficult to manage.


  1. Internet/E-mail Communications

Muthoni Ndung’u will communicate with Respondents via email. Each Respondent should

provide an email address with its response for ease of communication throughout this RFP


  1. Verbal Communications

Any verbal communication from the PPG’s employees or its contractors concerning this RFP is

not binding on PPG, and shall in no way alter a specification, term or condition of this RFP.

  1. Amendment

If it is necessary to amend this RFP, Muthoni Ndung’u will share amendments via email.

  1. Respondent’s Costs

All costs and expenses incurred by your company in connection with preparing, developing

and/or submitting a Proposal, participating in any presentation, or negotiations concerning a

definitive agreement, will be borne by your company regardless of whether or not your company

is selected. No such costs or expenses may be recouped through any fees for the Requested


  1. Withdrawal of Proposal

Respondents may withdraw their Proposal at any time before the deadline for receipt of

Proposals. The Respondent must submit a written withdrawal request, addressed to Muthoni

Ndung’u (, and signed by the Respondent’s duly authorized


  1. Modification of Proposal

A Respondent may submit an amended Proposal before the deadline for receipt of Proposal.

Such amended Proposal must be a complete replacement for the previously submitted Proposal

and must be clearly identified as such in the transmittal letter to the Vice President.

  1. Proposal is an Offer

A Proposal submitted in response to this RFP is a binding offer valid for 180 days after the due

date for Proposals or the due date for the receipt of a best and final offer, whichever falls later.

  1. Response to RFP is PPG Property

On the response due date all responses and related material submitted in response to this RFP

become the property of Planned Parenthood Global, inc.

  1. Muthoni Ndung’u or Ruth Momanyi May Cancel the RFP

If Muthoni Ndung’u or Ruth Momanyi determines it is in PPGs best interest, they reserves the

right to do any of the following:

A. Cancel this RFP;

B. Modify this RFP in writing as needed; or

C. Reject any or all responses received for this RFP.

  1. Other Terms of Submission

Nothing contained in this RFP or implied by the Proposed Evaluation Process outlined above

shall create any obligation on the part of PPG to select any firm for the Requested Services.

PPG reserves the right at its sole discretion to select any firm on any basis that it deems

appropriate (whether or not such basis is price), to decide not to select a firm or to otherwise

modify its approach to the project.


This Section outlines the process and schedule associated with this RFP.

A. Schedule

The following is the schedule for this RFP:

Date Event

April 20, 2022 RFP posted

May 6, 2022 Deadline for the contractor to submit questions

May 11, 2022 Deadline for RFP Proposal Submissions

May 12- 18 2022 Review of submitted proposals and identification of


May 23, 2022 Contract negotiation and agreement

These dates are subject to change at PPG’s discretion.

B. Contact information

Muthoni Ndung’u is the point of contact concerning this RFP. All inquiries should be sent to

Muthoni Ndung’u ( with a copy to Ruth Momanyi

( and Kate Hesel ( Respondents should submit

questions about the intent or content of this RFP and request clarification of any and all

procedures used for this procurement prior to the submission of a Proposal. Respondents must

submit their questions in writing by e-mail to the point of contact listed below no later than

Friday, April 29th at 12:00 noon EAT

How to apply

C. Proposal Submittal

Please provide an electronic copy of the proposal and a separate electronic copy of the Cost

Proposal. All electronic copies should be submitted in .PDF format. Each electronic Proposal

copy and each electronic Cost Proposal copy shall be emailed to Muthoni Ndung’u

( with a copy to Ruth Momanyi ( and Kate

Hesel (

PPG reserves the right not to consider any Proposal received after the deadline


More Information

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