South Sudan – Program Coordinator (H/F) – Juba at Solidarités International

Nigeria– Deputy Field Coordinator (M/F) –Maiduguri at Solidarités International

Desired start date: 01/04/23

Duration of the mission: 1 year
Location: Juba, South Sudan


SOLIDARITÉS INTERNATIONAL (SI) has been operating in South Sudan since 2006, conducting activities in emergency and post emergency context, particularly in rural and semi-urban areas, including IDP camp settings. Its expertise in running emergency WaSH intervention is highly acknowledged by all WaSH actors and donors. Furthermore, SI is implementing longer term WASH and FSL activities in multiple locations.

Despite significant deployment of humanitarian assistance, between February and March 2022, an estimated 6.83 million people (55% of the population) faced high acute food insecurity (IPC Phase 3 or above), of which 2.37 million people faced Emergency conditions (IPC Phase 4), and some pockets of Famine –IPC5. The situation will most likely worsen due to the reduced means of production, lack of resources, very weak means of communication, inflation and rising costs of living, and further floods forecasted in 2022-2023. Failure to restore agricultural production is not only driven by conflict-related displacements but also by increasing level of floods, disruptions of markets due to COVID-19, as well as restricted trade due to roads made inaccessible by insecurity or the rainy season. Moreover, climate crises that are likely to be affecting South Sudan such as droughts, flooding, and locust invasion will have repercussions on many levels: food security, access to water, population movement, and infrastructure (including shelters, markets) destruction. High food prices occasioned by depleted harvests as well as rain-induced deterioration of road networks that disrupts market supplies and functionality are also contributing to the high levels of acute food insecurity.

South Sudan is also witnessing further displacements within the country due to the sub-national and localized violence, which has increased since the beginning of 2022. The security situation is expected to deteriorate further as the transitional period following the signing of Revitalized Peace Process is nearing its end in 2023.

The mission’s estimated budget is around USD 3,5 million for 2023, and there are 40+ employees.

To learn more about the South Sudan mission, please click here.

Strategic axis of SI country programming:

  • Strategic priority 1: Preparedness and response to acute multi-sectorial needs, with an integrated approach.

Outcome: Cover essential and critical basic needs of the most vulnerable and provide the humanitarian community with accurate and operational multi-sectorial assessment reports and response for any newly identified need, either based on population movements, outbreak, or food security/nutrition/health crisis.

  • Strategic priority 2: Improvement of the basic services and livelihood opportunities through multi-sectorial/integrated programs to increase resilience via mid-term projects.

Outcome: Support the reconstruction of the basic services and the creation and strengthening of livelihood opportunities, allowed by the stabilization of the context.



The program coordinator, as the Head of Department for the all programs on the mission, contributes to the development of SI’ strategy by proposing sector-based strategies for the whole activities.

More specifically:

  • He/she is the guarantor of the quality and suitability of proposed technical approaches and ensures the appropriateness between SI’s activities and general objectives and needs of the population.
  • He/she coordinates the project cycle and more particularly the operational monitoring of programs implemented in the intervention country.
  • He/she contributes to the capitalization process and the improvement of SI’s methods and techniques.

He//She reports directly to the Country Director and manages 3 Program Managers (1 in Juba and 2 in Upper Nile), one Reporting Officer, and a MEAL team ideally in the future.

Main responsibilities:

  • Strategic orientation.
  • Relevance and quality of projects.
  • Coordination, technical support, and operational monitoring.
  • People and team management.
  • Reporting / communication / representation.

Main challenges:

  • Volatile political and security context in the country.
  • Humanitarian access impediments in multiple parts of the country.
  • Developing collaboration and networking with local authorities and NGOs.
  • Evolving nature of needs and interruption of the planned activities.
  • Coordination with all stakeholders.

Responsibilities for the first 2-3 months:

  • Ensure new proposals are in line with the 2023 country strategy.
  • Emphasize program development and expansion, targeting diversified donors.
  • Ensure the projects ending in 2023 are fully implemented and according to the requirements.
  • Ensure RRM can quickly deliver assistance to impacted communities by closely following-up on RRM PMs.
  • Maintain and increase involvement of SI in WASH, FSL, S/NFI Clusters.
  • Participate to the implementation of several consortium projects and ensure proper coordination with partners.
  • Ensure the capacity-building of PMs, especially the newly arrived PMs in 2021, of RCO and of Consortium Manager.
  • Continue and reinforce participation in network and coordination platform with other actors in the light of developing consortium and /or partnership.
  • Reinforce the MEAL department at coordination and bases levels (integrate in proposals and coordinate coordination and bases) and closely follow-up on the MEAL team structuration.



Post graduate level in development / humanitarian studies.


  • Experience in and excellent understanding of the humanitarian sector (at least 4 years).
  • Experience in programs coordination and / or emergency response (at least 2 years).
  • Experience in protracted crisis context.
  • Proven experience in insecure and complex access environment.
  • Proven experience as an organized team and people manager.
  • Multigrants / Multiproject experience is mandatory.

Experience with SI is an asset.

Experience in remote management is an asset.

Previous experience in South Sudan is a strong asset.


  • Sound understanding in project cycle management (specifically MEAL and project development).
  • Ability to lead the process of program development.
  • Capacity to provide clear and well documented strategies.
  • Excellent networking capacities, including with key national and international stakeholders.
  • Very good analytical, critical, and synthesis skills.
  • Communication and diplomatic skills.
  • Management of a multi-technical and multi-ethnic team.
  • Capacity-building and training, coaching abilities, and experience.
  • Collect, manage, and filter extensive amounts of information in real time.
  • Organization, focus on objectives and ability to meet deadlines.
  • Proactive, solution-oriented approach to work.
  • Excellent team player.


  • Pack MS Office – excellent mastery of Excel included
  • GIS desirable
  • Bilingual in English. Arabic is an asset.


  • Willingness to evolve in very fast paced environments and insecure environments
  • Excellent stress management, and important flexibility; capacity to adapt to quick context/strategy changes

To apply, you need to be OK to work in a volatile, complex political and security environment.


According to experience, starting from EUR 2640 gross per month (base salary EUR 2400 + 10% annual leave allowance paid monthly) + a monthly Per Diem of USD 700.

SI covers accommodation costs and travel expenses between the expatriate’s country of origin and the place of assignment.

The Programs Coordinator will live in a shared guesthouse with other international colleagues.


During the assignment, a system of alternation between work and time off is implemented at the rate of 7 working days every 3 months. For a one-year assignment, the expatriate will have a 7 working days break at 3, 6 and 9 months (with USD 850 allocated by SI). In addition to these, SI adds 1 additional rest day per month of work, i.e. 12 additional days off for a one-year contract.

Insurance package
Expatriates benefit from an insurance package, which covers all healthcare expenses (including medical and surgical expenses, dental care and ophthalmological expenses, repatriation) and a welfare system, including war risks. Essential vaccination and antimalarial treatment costs are refunded.

Living conditions

  • Individual, comfortable room in the guesthouse, with electricity 24/7.

NB: During field visits, living conditions are much more basic.

  • Internet and Phone network available
  • Restaurants and international food available in Juba
  • Malaria prophylaxis is strongly recommended during the rainy season


Please note that the COVID 19 pandemic can impact the movements (flights and visa issuance).

Safety and security rules are regularly reviewed and adapted to the situation, to minimize the exposure to the COVID 19, in constant monitoring and adaptation to the context evolution. This include social distancing, teleworking and strict hygienic rules, such as regular handwashing etc.

Please note that SI strongly recommends its staff to get the vaccination against COVID 19, using WHO-approved vaccines. If possible, the vaccination should be done before departure, in order to reduce the future logistical constraints once on the field (administration of the 2nd dose within a certain time frame).


Please send us your CV and cover letter in English.

If you have already been technically validated by SI on the position, please mention it.

NB: the vacancy may close before the deadline.

To learn more about SI, please visit our website.

How to apply


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