Supply Manager at ALIMA

ICT Supervisor at the Alliance for International Medical Action (ALIMA)


ALIMA has been present in Nigeria since 2016. Its actions are part of a regional response strategy to health and nutrition emergencies, with a focus on pediatric, maternal-infant and epidemic interventions. ALIMA is present in North-East Nigeria in Borno State (MMC and Jere LGAs) and in Yobe State (Bade and Karasuwa LGAs) where it provides outpatient and inpatient healthcare and nutrition services for IDPs and host communities. In North-West Nigeria, ALIMA is in Katsina State (Kaita LGA) to respond to increased nutritional needs. ALIMA is present in the South-West, in Ondo State (Owo LGA) where teams are treating patients for Lassa fever and conducting research into improved treatment.

IIn Borno state, ALIMA ensures outpatient and inpatient access to nutrition services, as well as outpatient health care in MMC and Jere LGAs. In 2022, ALIMA delivered 85,925 OPD consultations and treated 9,278 SAM cases without complications at the OTP level. 3,963 deliveries were conducted, and 2,446 mental health consultations were delivered. ALIMA also provided inpatient care for SAM cases with complications within 3 stabilization centres (University of Maiduguri Teaching Hospital -UMTH, Gwange II, and Fatima Ali Sherrif – in MMC) and treated 3,386 SAM children with complications.

In Yobe state, ALIMA supports 5 Primary Health Care Centers (PHCCs) – Waro, Jajeri, Jajimaji, K. Garun Guna and K. Galu – since May 2021 for nutrition and health care. ALIMA also provides inpatient care for SAM cases with complications within its 40 beds stabilization center located in Gashua General Hospital, Bade LGA. ALIMA also support hospitalization for children under five in Jajimaji. In 2022, ALIMA delivered 53,196 OPD consultations and treated 4,722 SAM children. 2,036 deliveries were conducted, and 976 mental health consultations were delivered.

In Katsina state, ALIMA ensures since August 2021 the provision of outpatient and inpatient nutrition and healthcare services for children under 5. ALIMA currently delivers OPD consultations, and supports the ambulatory management and referral of Severe Acute Malnutrition (SAM) cases in 5 Primary Health Care Centers (PHCCs) in Kaita LGA: Dankama, Sabon Birni (Ba’awa ward), Dankaba, Zabakau (Gafiya ward), Matsai. ALIMA also ensures inpatient healthcare and provides care for SAM cases with complications within its 110 beds stabilisation centre located in Kaita CHC. In 2022, ALIMA treated 2,171 SAM cases with complications at the ITFC level and 29,239 SAM cases without complications at the OTP level. ALIMA also delivered 36,851 OPD consultations for children under 5, while 4,906 were hospitalized at the inpatient department of Kaita CHC.

In Ondo State, ALIMA has been supporting the NCDC and the State Ministry of Health with case management, active case detection, patient triage, public awareness campaigns, and reinforcement of the Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) measures among health workers in the different hospital structures of Ondo State. In addition to prevention and case management, ALIMA is currently participating in the coordination of several studies to better understand the disease, including an observational cohort study (LASCOPE) to describe the clinical, biological course, management and outcomes of hospitalized patients with a diagnosis of confirmed Lassa fever and a phase II clinical trial (SAFARI) to evaluate the safety and efficacy of Favipiravir.

MISSION LOCATION: Abuja, Nigeria, with travel to all Project sites (minimum 50% in the field).


• Hierarchical link: Logistics Coordinator;
• Functional link: Logistics Referent Desk HQ.


Level 3: As part of his/her duties, the incumbent will visit programs and come into contact with children and/or vulnerable adults. Therefore, a criminal record check or a certificate of good character will be required. In situations where a criminal record check or character reference is not possible, a declaration of honor will be requested.

1. The Supply Manager, in collaboration with the Logistics Coordinator is responsible for the proper designing, planning, and implementation of the supply chain in the mission/country, ensuring the achievement of the objectives set at the mission Level.
2. To support Country Mission, in ensuring timely arrangement of different project commodities i.e. goods, drugs, and services to Support ALIMA intervention in North East Nigeria.
3. Ensure Supply support to the mission in Coherence of ALIMA standard Procurement procedures & Donor Financial requirements.
4. Understand the Nigerian Government customs & import procedures, IDEC & NAFDAC procedures, and insure our supply strategies are aligned accordingly.


International & local Supply Management:

  • He/she is responsible project Procurement planning, in close connection with the Logistics Manager of the project office, Pharmacy Manager, Medical Coordinator, and Logistics Coordinator;
  • He/she is responsible for maintaining procurement tracking sheets (local & international), updating and sharing with relevant departments;
  • He/she will ensure that Donor & ALIMA procurements requirements, procedures and guidelines are respected in all ALIMA procurements;
  • He/she will follow up international supply during all the process, before arrival or in customs, being responsible for preparing and providing all necessary documents (customs clearance, transits, etc.) on time;
  • He/she is responsible for execution of procurement of local supply process through coordination office, to be timely purchased and delivered to the project office on time;
  • Ensure that local purchase of supply is done as per ALIMA Procurement guideline, specifically ensuring the quality of goods/supplies and best value for money;
  • Market intelligence with due diligence to ensure that ALIMA is paying according to prevailing market prices;
  • He/she is responsible to critically review the prices to have effective cost control in the procurement of supplies/goods and equipment for the project;
  • He/she is responsible holding an Open market competition to select suppliers and sign a framework agreement for different recurring supplies;
  • Maintains a Supplier Database at the mission level, with all relevant information, including their contacts details and market of supplies;
  • Maintains price list of different project commodities at the mission level, and evaluating the price on quaterly basis;
  • Maintains regular contacts with suppliers and regularly re-evaluate the market in order to get the best quality, prices and service possible;
  • Ensures that all in local Procurement, ALIMA procurement procedural compliance is respected and adopted as per the threshold of the accumulative cost of specific supplies/goods and equipment. Checking that ALIMA procedures for national purchase, local orders, and requests for quotes are followed (if purchases are over a pre-defined amount);
  • Prepares tender documents & call of quotation for any supplies needed;
  • Having regular field visit to support the Field Logistics & Supply for implementation of ALIMA procurement guidelines/rules and regulations.

Orders/Requests of Supplies:

  • Being a focal person of supply at the mission level, processing all request in close coordination with Logistics Coordinator/Medical Coordinator in case of technical medical equipments;
  • Works closely with the Field Coordinator, Logistics Managers in the field, in relation to processing their request of supply/service good;
  • Works in close collaboration with the Medical Coordinator and the Logistics Coordinator for the medical orders & non-medical local & international order;
  • Works in close cooperation with the Finance department on forecasting of the budget required for different local medical & non-medical supplies. Review all payment case before submission to Finance department, to ensure ALIMA financial and procurement compliance is respected;
  • Coordination & communication with suppliers for placing the Orders after approval of procurement, as per ALIMA validation table;
  • Follows up on Backlog of different orders with HQ & sharing the updated order follow up a sheet of international & local orders with relevant different and staff on a weekly & monthly basis;
  • Works in close collaboration with customs clearing agents and freight forewarders for effective supply chain process & order management.


  • Participates in any emergency activity or exploratory visit in or out of the ALIMA area of work, being prepared to intervene directly if needed and assume the management of all supply activities and staff.

Team management:

  • Defines and updates job profiles and descriptions of all supply chain related staff;
  • Participates in the selection, follow up and evaluation of all staff under his/her direct supervision;
  • Trains the staff on supply chain standards & administrative procedures of Shipment Custom clearance;
  • Reinforces skills of all supply chain staff;
  • Undertakes regular evaluations of staff team under his/her direct supervision;
  • Promotes communication and active participation of all staff under his/her supervision.


  • Sharing of weekly reports for both International and Local procurements to Field Staffs;
  • Participates in monthly reports according to guideline, i.e. International and local procurement updates, procurement planning, etc. together with the Logistics Coordinator;
  • Carries out regular market surveys and makes them available to program staffs;
  • Informs the Line Manager of any problems that might be linked to work of supply staff.



  • Education: Essential university or technical school diploma, desirable supply related studies
  • Languages: Mission working language essential
  • Experience:
    • Essential working experience of at least two years in supply chain activities related jobs
    • Desirable working experience with ALIMA or other INGOs
    • Desirable working experience in developing countries
  • Knowledge: Essential computer literacy (Word, Excel and Internet)


  • Fluency in English (written and spoken), and at least two local languages (Hausa, Kanuri, Yoruba)
  • French is an asset


Contract term: contract under Nigerian Law, 6 months, renewable

Desired start date: July 2023

Salary: Depending on experience + Per Diem

ALIMA pays for :

  • Travel costs between the expatriate’s country of origin and the mission location
  • Accomodation costs
  • Medical cover from the first day of the contrat to a month after the date of departure from the mission country for the employee and their dependents
  • Evacuation of the employee

How to apply

To apply, please send your cv and cover letter to our page through the address

Applications are processed in the order in which they are received. ALIMA reserves the right to close the offer before the initial deadline if an application is accepted. Only complete applications (CV in PDF format + cover letter in PDF format) will be considered.

Female candidates are strongly encourages to apply.


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