Takunda Adolescence Study – Request for Expressions of Interest at CARE



Takunda is a five-year, $55million Resilience Food Security Activity (RFSA) funded by USAID. The project is being implemented by CARE International and its partners, International Youth Foundation (IYF), Family Health International (FHI360), Nutrition Action Zimbabwe (NAZ), Bulawayo Projects Centre (BPC), and Environment Africa. The project implementation spans across two provinces, Manicaland (in Mutare and Buhera districts) and Masvingo (in Chivi and Zaka districts). Takunda seeks to promote sustainable, equitable, and resilient food, nutrition, and income for at-risk groups, namely: the extremely poor; the chronically vulnerable; and those at risk of malnutrition. The project aims to directly impact 301,636 people in 77,211 households across all-purpose areas, by increasing household gender-equitable income, nutrition status, and resilience to shocks and stressors. Gender equality, youth empowerment, and good governance are cross-cutting themes aimed at reducing disparities. The disparities encapsulate women and girls limited access, control, or gained benefit from resources, assets, and opportunities. Additionally, the themes are intended to increase the capability of women and girls to realize their rights, determine their life outcomes, and influence decision-making at the household, community, and institutional level. As the youth technical lead for the Takunda consortium, IYF is responsible for youth engagement, inclusion, and empowerment activities across all three purposes. Adolescent girls and boys, aged 10 to 19, did not participate effectively in the initial round of studies during the refine and implement (R&I) year; hence, their voices are yet to inform the Takunda activity design. By targeting this younger demographic, the study will fill important knowledge gaps about the age and gender-related barriers and opportunities adolescents face in Takunda areas. In turn, the program will take a gender-sensitive life course approach across all three purposes: livelihoods, health and nutrition, and resilience.


IYF seeks the services of a qualified consultant/team of consultants to conduct an adolescence study. The purpose of the study is to identify capacities and priorities for in- and out-of-school adolescents aged 10-19. In turn, the Takunda program will be informed on appropriate interventions that encourage continued education, access to opportunities for skills development, increased agency, and informed choices, related to future careers/livelihood opportunities, health, and overall wellbeing. This study is critical because youth constitute at least 50% of the project’s targeted population. Results of the study will inform adolescent-focused interventions and ensure Takunda has sufficiently segmented its youth cohorts, and taken a life-course approach to project activities. Please see attached scope of work for full details of the assignment;

Timeline of the Research:

The assignment is expected to take a maximum of 2 months, which includes desk review, preparation, data collection, analysis, and report writing. The Consultant will use this guide to submit a concise timeline. **

Consultant Deliverables:

  1. Inception Requirements – Research design, methodology, sampling techniques, tools, data analysis methods, work plan, and budget. Due within 4 days after signing the contract.

2. Draft Research Report and presentation of preliminary findings to IYF/TakundaDue within 2 weeks after approval of the inception report.

  1. Final Research Report: Within 4 days after the presentation of a draft report. The raw data, (both qualitative and quantitative, including original field notes for in-depth interviews and focus group discussions, as well as recorded audio material), and data collection tools used in the research should be submitted together with the report. The report should have concise information unpacking the problem understudy, findings, and recommendations. A simple inventory of material handed over (if any) will be part of the record. IYF/Takunda will retain sole ownership of all final data and any findings shall only be shared or reproduced with the permission of Care/Takunda.
  2. Adolescence Engagement Strategy – Within 4 days after submission of the final research report. The consultant shall compile a strategy for engaging adolescents aged 10-19 to be shared with the project team, funding partner, all collaborating stakeholders, and project communities.
  3. The consultant will be responsible for guiding the entire research process and all other specific responsibilities as he or she may require delivering the assignment

How to apply

The Proposal should include the following:

  1. Summary of the consultant’s background and experience and how it links with the work to be done.
  2. Sample of at least 2 most relevant previous consulting projects completed including their brief description and contact details for references.
  3. Consultant’s understanding of the work, i.e. demonstrate your understanding of the work to be done, including your objectives;
  4. Proposed methodology: the proposal should present the study approach and methodology, including sampling techniques, and data gathering and analysis techniques for both qualitative and quantitative data;
  5. Ethical considerations; data protection, safeguarding, and protection risks factors related to the study and how they will be mitigated;
  6. Research team structure, roles and responsibilities, and time allocation if applicable. Demonstrate a good mix of Gender and research skills in the team;
  7. Financial bid;
  8. The following items should be included as attachments:
  9. CVs for the lead consultant and the technical team members (a max. of 3 pages per CV).
  10. Detailed work plan, budget, and clear timelines.
  11. Note that the total expression of interest should not exceed 5 pages in total including the financial bid.

Consultancy proposals/Expressions of Interest should be submitted via e-mail address to: t.marecha@iyfglobal.org copying s.ryce@iyfglobal.org

Due date: 10 May 2022.


More Information

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