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The Matchmaking Initiative : (Technical) Director and Senior Advisor

Recognising that financing is the dimension of IWRM which is lagging furthest behind, constituting a major barrier to progress in implementing IWRM, the SDG 6 IWRM Support Programme aims to set up a new initiative which will focus on bringing together the supply and demand for financing for improved water security. The Matchmaking Initiative aims to match country-defined priorities for water management improvements which are lacking financing or only have partial funding, with local funding sources, donors[1] and other funding agencies[2] that have available financing, but which are not currently investing in water management at the scale required or in the most coordinated manner. To do so, it will aim to leverage political and financial in-country support for the implementation of the actions in the coming years, to accelerate progress on the water-related SDGs, in line with the SDG 6 Global Acceleration Framework[3].

Pilot phase: The initiative will be piloted between July 2021 and March 2022, supported by an external consultancy (subject of this tender process) with a view to building recommendations for the mid-term scaling of the initiative, aiming to help countries better articulate their water-related financing needs, while also increasing investments from different sources, often in a complementary manner. The scope of the pilot phase of the Matchmaking Initiative is to help two selected countries (Kenya and Guatemala) to shape funding proposals to match their needs with the requirements of the donors and funding agencies, for one initial action per country. A natural starting point for identifying country needs are the existing national IWRM Action Plans (output of Stage 2 of the Support Programme). The Actions will be selected by the countries in close collaboration with the respective Regional and Country Water Partnerships.

During the pilot phase, two different funding streams (donors and funding agencies) for each Action in both countries should be explored, noting that the two may potentially be combined in such a way that reduces dependency on a single funding source.

The experiences and lessons learnt during the pilot phase will be used to help guide the next steps of the Matchmaking Initiative post-2021.

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1. Purpose

The objective of this consultancy is to support the piloting of the SDG 6 IWRM Support Programme’s Matchmaking Initiative, and specifically to support two GWP country teams in Kenya and Guatemala in matching IWRM Actions with funding opportunities. This will be achieved by:

  • identifying potential donors and funding agencies for a pre-defined water-related action (one per country);
  • supporting and accompanying the country teams to pitch the two actions to the selected donors and funding agencies, and hold feedback sessions in focus groups with the potential donors and funding agencies to gather their reactions on the possibilities of funding the actions, as input for a go/no-go decision on the continuation of the matchmaking initiative in the coming years and for one public event on fundraising for water-related actions;
  • providing a report including the findings from the country support and containing clear and actionable recommendations on the scalability of the initiative.

2. Deliverables and indicative detailed tasks and timeline

The following are the specific tasks and deliverables of the consultancy:

  • Deliverables Area 1: Inception report (20% of the total amount, 2 weeks after the start of the contract)
  • Deliverables Area 2: Development of 1 donor-friendly pitch per pilot country and provision of coaching to deliver pitches (50% of the total amount, 8 weeks after the start of the contract)
  • Deliverables Area 3: Development of final report and presentation of findings (30% of the total amount, 12 weeks after the start of the contract)

3. Time schedule

The contract shall last approximately 12 weeks from the date of its signature to final delivery.

4. Qualifications, experience, and skills

The consultant(s) shall have as a minimum the following qualifications:

Education: Advanced university degree in related topics, including in water, environment and sustainable development, business, economics, and resource mobilisation.

Experience: At least 10 years of practical experience in the development and/ or sustainable finance sector, with demonstrated experience in:

  • Water, environment, and sustainable development
  • Fundraising and resource mobilisation

Proven successful track record in resource mobilisation and innovative funding models for water, environment, and climate change investments.
Good global network including prior work in/with the two target countries identified for the pilot phase (Kenya and Guatemala).


  • Excellent communication and writing skills in English and good communication and writing skills in Spanish.**
  • Good communicator(s) in writing and orally, with good organisation and analytical skills.
  • Knowledge of standard Microsoft Office processing tools is a must.**

5. Evaluation criteria

The proposals will be evaluated by a committee within GWP based on the following criteria:

  • Quality of the proposal (45%)
  • Relevant qualifications and experience of the bidder (40%)
  • Cost (15%)

6. Budget

For this assignment, an indicative amount of approx. 25,000 Euros including VAT if applicable, is available.

7. Supervision of assignment

The assignment is supervised by:

  • Colin Herron, Global Coordinator, Water Solutions for the SDGs, GWP
  • In close collaboration with the Regional and Country Water Partnerships of the pilot countries and the Partnerships and Resource Mobilisation team of GWPO

8. Location

The assignment will include in-country meetings in the two pilot countries (Kenya and Guatemala) both in online and offline format with Regional and Country Focal Points, potential donors and funding agencies, government, and other relevant stakeholders (as specified in the deliverables and tasks of this assignment) and regular online meetings with the GWPO team in Stockholm (Sweden).

[1] e.g. Governments, the private sector, foundations, investment funds and development banks, which may be either national, regional or international in nature

[2] e.g. Green Climate Fund, Adaptation Fund, Global Environment Facility, which are mainly international

[3] See https://www.unwater.org/publications/the-sdg-6-global-acceleration-framework/

How to apply

9. Submission

  • Bidders are requested to submit a tender offer in English to procurement@gwp.org. The offer shall include:
  • CV(s) of consultant(s) for the assignment
  • An outline of the proposed approach and methodology to deliver on the assignment
  • A budget including the amount to be charged for the assignment in Euros, based on a daily fee (incl. VAT)

The tender offer shall consider all specific requirements and specifications laid out in Instruction to Tender (Chapter 2 of this Invitation to Tender).

Full tender details available on our GWP website

10. Deadline

Final date for receipt of tenders is Sunday, September 5th, 23:59h (CEST)

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