Tender: Salary Review & Design of Performance Management At Global Water Partnership

1. Objective

GWPO, the legal entity of the international network Global Water Partnership, GWP, welcomes your participation in a procurement for:

A. A study of the appropriateness of the salary ranges and benefits of GWPO and/or

B. Design of a performance management system with connections to remuneration and career progression.

Specification of Requirements


GWPO, as an intergovernmental organisation, employs staff according the Headquarters Agreement with the Swedish government, and the GWPO Staff Rules and Regulations. It currently has 41 staff members. GWPO’s annual funding is approximately 11 million EUR. GWPO has tax-exempt international staff and taxed staff, taxed on their income in Sweden (Swedish nationals or staff who were resident in Sweden prior to their employment). GWPO employs staff from Sweden and the international market. GWPO is exempted from complying with Swedish labour law both for Swedish and Internationally recruited staff. Issues arising from staff relations, including remuneration and termination, are decided based on internal procedures. Furthermore, GWPO recognizes the jurisdiction of the International Labour Organization’s Tribunal for disputes arising from labour relations with staff.


Carry out a comparison of the GWPO base salary ranges, other compensation (e.g., pension), benefits and entitlements with that of other international non-profit organisations of similar size, budget, and international scope, which work on a global scale.

a) Carry out comparisons with other international non-profit organisations, would require that the general role descriptions for each of the salary categories in relation to requirements regarding education, experience, knowledge, responsibility, etc are reviewed and adjusted if necessary, for the purposes of comparison with other organisations.

b) Compare position descriptions to grade level descriptions to make recommendations about the appropriateness of the grade to the position description.

c) Review and recommend changes to the grade level descriptions to ensure greater clarity and distinctions between grade levels.

d) Graphical and explanatory report on how GWPO is placed compared to other international non-profit organisations which work on a global scale. The report shall:

  • provide a clear model which shows how the various parts of the salary are put together to create the salary
  • provide a comparison in relation to base salary for each grade level,
  • provide a comparison in relation to entitlements and other benefits.
  • provide an overall comparison where the salary, entitlements and benefits are a package.

c) The report shall set out recommended adjustments, where necessary, for GWPO to be able to offer a competitive salary package based on the agreed market position.

The aim of the Salary study is to ensure the appropriateness of the GWPO salary ranges and staff benefits.

Salary Ranges. Staff at GWPO are graded under these staff categories (E: Assistant/Associate, F: Specialist, G: Senior Specialist, H: Lead/Chief Specialist, I: C-Suite (CFO/COO/CEO). Each grade has a grade description that considers factors such as experience, qualifications, and responsibilities in the organisation, among others. Each grade has a salary range assigned to it with a minimum and a maximum.

Role Descriptions. For each position, there is a job description that describes the function such position plays in the organisation. Job descriptions are crafted considering the grade and salary scale in which the function and person occupying such function will be placed.

Remuneration. Once a job description is graded according to the staff category, GWPO will provide the person hired to occupy that function a base salary aligned to the staff category. Taxed staff members are required by Swedish tax law to receive their salary in Swedish Kronor. Taxed staff receive after-tax pay that is equivalent to that of non-taxed staff.

The current compensation package includes:

  • base salary,
  • entitlements for international staff (rental subsidy, education allowance, home travel grant, installation grant, separation grant, dependency allowance, and child allowance)
  • benefits which both taxed and international staff are entitled to (medical, life & disability insurances, pension, leave (annual, parental, other) home broadband, health promotion)

Staff Location

Most staff are Stockholm-based although we have about eight staff working outside Sweden as well.

SCOPE OF ASSIGNMENT B – Performance Management

The GWPO performance management and its connections to career progression and remuneration needs to be developed.

The aim is to design a performance management process for a clear, transparent, and understandable salary and performance management compensation model and career progression.

Currently, there is no clearly defined performance-based pay structure in place to inform individual performance compensation/reward or career progression.


1. Performance Management

a) Design a performance management and reward structure to define performance and career growth at GWPO that:

  • links individual performance, reward, and professional growth/progression
  • rewards and motivates individual, team and organisational performance by outlining clear expectations
  • is realistic considering the size of GWPO in terms of budget and number of staff members.
  • includes the elements for consultation and feedback from the team to ensure the proposed solutions are acceptable to the Organisation.

b) Recommend an integrated, intuitive HR management solution/platform that would integrate all aspects of human resources, from job design and evaluation, compensation & benefits management, skills measurement, performance & reward management, and integrates seamlessly with existing human resources systems or digital platforms.

c) Propose modalities for staff engagement in the Assignment B process to ensure fairness and transparency; at which stages should staff be informed and consulted, and in what manner?

  • As a minimum, this should include a discussion on the approach to the consultancy early in the process and staff consultations (via surveys / opportunity to review documents / and meetings) on the findings from the analysis
  • Facilitate or Support staff engagement through appropriate means
  • Report on staff engagement


A. Previous experience

The tenderer is expected to have experience of carrying out similar assignments for other international non-profit organisations and therefore have access to, or the ability to efficiently gather, comparative data in relation to salary levels, other compensation on the international market and pay & performance management design. The tender bid should therefore include examples of previous similar work and references which can be contacted.

B. Proposed consultants’ experience

The tender bid should include a description of the curriculum vitae of the consultants who would provide the services, specifically describing experience of carrying out similar services.

How to apply

2. Instructions to Tender

2.1 Procurement Procedure

This is an open competitive procurement procedure. Invited bidders will submit a written tender offer and GWPO will subsequently enter detailed discussions with one or more of the bidders. It is important that all terms and conditions contained in the tender invitation are fully followed.

NOTE: GWPO as an inter-governmental organisation is not bound by the Swedish procurement act. This tender invitation does not obligate GWP to contract for the supply of any products or services.

2.2 Content of Tender Offers

Bidders may offer services for both assignments or only one of the assignments. Please note that each requirement in the specification is to be addressed separately, with clear reference to the requirements. For evaluation purposes, the tender offer should follow the same disposition as the Specification of Requirements. **

All costs must be included in the tender offer. The costs are to be specified in Euro including specified VAT, in the manner set out in the specification.

The bidder is welcome to enclose brochures and other printed information, although the comments in the offer to the tender requirements should be listed as specified without relying on information in enclosures or elsewhere.

Please also take note of the evaluation criteria described below.

2.3 Submission of Tender offers

The tender offer shall be

  • submitted in English to procurement@gwp.org.
  • complete with all relevant company names, address, contact persons and e-mail address, VAT-number (or other relevant tax registration number)
  • signed by authorised representative of the bidder
  • considered as confidential.
  • specifying an e-mail address of the supplier to which potential clarifications may be sent

By submitting a tender, the bidder confirms that the bidder:

  • is registered in the professional and trade registers in the country where the supplier is based (certificate may be requested by GWPO).
  • has not been convicted of any criminal offence and is, if requested, able to produce an extract from a legal register, or in the absence of such a register, a certificate issued by an authorized legal or administrative authority in the country of origin or in the country where the supplier is based, as means of proof.
  • is not in debt with either the tax authority or the enforcement service regarding the payment of any required taxes and/or social security contributions (certificate(s) may be requested by the GWPO where appropriate). VAT-number, if any, should be stated.
  • is, if requested, able to present adequate papers proving that they have not been convicted of any crime concerning the exercising of a profession, been the subject of a legal verdict or been found guilty of gross misconduct whilst providing a professional service.
  • is not bankrupt or currently the subject of bankruptcy proceeding, compulsory liquidation, compulsory management arrangement or accord. The bidder also confirms that they have not cancelled payments or been made the subject of a trading ban or any other similar arrangement
  • does not feature on the list of EU restrictive measures, which is published on the following website: www.sanctionsmap.eu
  • has not been engaged in wrongful conduct such as fraud, corruption, money laundering, child labour, trafficking, etc.

The bidder also confirms that the company has the financial capacity, as well as the technical, quality assurance, research and development capacities and abilities for the assignment/fulfilment of the bidder’s contractual obligations

Certificates and other proof as stated above may be requested by the GWPO where appropriate. Note that certificates should only be supplied upon separate request from GWPO. Bidders failing to produce proof if requested by GWPO will be disqualified.

To verify that the exclusion and qualification criteria are fulfilled, GWPO may acquire information from a credit-reporting bureau.

2.3.1 Closing Date for Submission of Tender

Final date for receipt of tenders is 12 September 2021, midnight CET. GWPO may extend the final date for submission of tenders for any reason including requests from invited bidders to do so.

Tender received after the final date of receipt of tenders will be disregarded.

2.3.2 Cost of Tender

Costs for the preparation of tenders will not be reimbursed.

2.3.3 Period of Validity of Tender

The offer outlined in the tender is to be valid for a minimum period of 90 calendar days after the closing date. If necessary, GWPO may ask for the bidder’s agreement to an extension of the period of validity (preferably in writing).

2.3.4 Withdrawal of Tender

A bidder may withdraw its tender at any time prior to the closing date if notice of the withdrawal is received by GWPO prior to the closing date. Notice of withdrawal is to be signed by an authorized representative and sent to procurement@gwp.org

2.3.5 Opening of Tenders

GWPO will open the tenders at its office on the day following the closing date. Bidders will not be allowed to participate in the opening of the tenders. The names of the tenders will be kept confidential until the contract with the successful bidder has been signed.

2.3.6 Communications during the procurement procedure

If the bidder has any questions regarding the invitation to tender, please contact GWPO via email procurement@gwp.org. GWPO will respond via email to any request for clarification of the tender invitation that it receives prior to the closing date of the tender.

GWPO’s response to all questions (including an explanation of the query but without identifying the source of enquiry) will be published on the GWP website.

2.4 Tender Evaluation

The evaluation of tenders will be carried out in two steps.

2.4.1 Exclusion and Qualification Criteria

GWPO will examine the tenders to determine whether they are complete, the documents have been properly signed, and the requirements have been addressed. A tender may be rejected if the tender is incomplete, not signed or fails to address the requirements or if the tender price exceeds the indicative budget ceiling.

2.4.2 Evaluation Criteria

The second stage consists of an evaluation of the tenders according to the evaluation criteria listed below.

Relative Importance

  • 30% Previous experience of working with international, non-profit organisations and in the specific area of salary, pay & performance management design and other compensation reviews
  • 30% Demonstration of understanding of services required by GWPO through suggested approach to assignment
  • 20% Professional capacity and experience of consultants
  • 20% Cost of services

GWPO may in writing ask any bidder for clarification of any part of its proposal to assist in the examination and evaluation. GWPO may also invite any number of bidders to present or otherwise confirm the services, or parts thereof, followed by a question-and-answer session. The presentation will be held in Stockholm, Sweden or by videoconference/internet.

2.4.3 Award of assignment

GWPO will enter detailed discussions with the bidder rated as having submitted the most advantageous bid to arrive at a contract for the assignment. If such discussions are unsuccessful, GWPO may invite the second rated bidder for discussions.

Please note that GWPO is not bound to select any of the tender offers submitted.