About Fairtrade Africa

Fairtrade Africa (FTA), a member of the wider Fairtrade International movement represents Fairtrade certified producers in Africa and the Middle East. We operate four regional networks: Eastern and Central Africa Network (ECAN) based in Nairobi, Kenya; West Africa Network (WAN) based in Accra, Ghana, Southern Africa Network (SAN) based in Blantyre, Malawi and the Middle East and North Africa Network (MENA).

Fairtrade Africa is owned by its members, who are African producer organizations certified against Fairtrade International Standards producing traditional export commodities such as coffee, cocoa, tea, flowers, cotton, bananas, cane sugar, wine, fresh fruits, herbs and spices and non-traditional commodities including shea butter and rooibos tea. Currently, the organization represents over 1 million producers across 28 countries in Africa.

Fairtrade Africa secretariat is located in Nairobi, Kenya, and has 50% ownership of the Fairtrade system.

About Fintea

Fintea Growers Cooperative Union Ltd was formed in 2012 through the initiatives of the FRICH-KIBAGENGE project which comprised six partners: Finlays Beverages UK, James Finlays Kenya (Ltd), Cooperative Group (UK), Cooperative College UK, Cooperative College of Kenya (Now the Cooperative University College of Kenya) and Africa Now (an NGO) and five primary cooperatives formed by tea farmers drawn from Kericho and Bomet counties.

Currently the union has five original registered primary cooperative societies as its members: Chepcheb Outgrowers Cooperative Society, Chesetekaa Outgrowers Cooperative Society, Kapkap Outgrowers Cooperative Society, Ainamoi Tea Produce and Multipurpose Cooperative Society and Kokchaik Cooperative Society. The union has the annual delegate meeting which is its supreme authority as it defines the strategic direction of the union. The union buys and markets green leaf tea from its members to processors. Currently, it supplies its members’ produce to James Finlays (K) Ltd. Fintea Growers Cooperative Union is a member organization of Fairtrade Africa.


Fairtrade Africa and Fintea Growers Cooperative Union are implementing a project called Gender Action Learning in tea (GALT). This project focuses on women and youth empowerment in Fairtrade certified tea producer organization in Kericho (Fintea Growers Cooperative Union Ltd, Kenya) through the gender action learning approach. This is enabled by working towards developing the entrepreneurship skills of the women and youth in the tea farming community so as to get them out of the cycle of poverty that has been exacerbated by marginalization. This way the project shall contribute toward addressing the sustainable development goals and Kenya’s vision of 2030. Several activities have been outlined such as capacity development, alternative income generative activities, formation of the village, saving and loans associations (VSLAs) and roll out of mentorship and market linkages with relevant institutions for women and youth. It is envisioned that by the end of the project timeline, there shall be significant positive changes in the lives of the beneficiaries which shall cascade to the community and beyond.
Kenya is the largest tea producer in Africa with an estimated 1.6 million farmers involved mostly in smallholder farming. Of the 1.6 million farmers, 274,422 are women farmers with 35%( 96,048) from 32 Fairtrade certified organizations in Kenya. Most of the labour either family or contracted is provided by women who in most cases are economically disadvantaged. The desire to address the root causes of these challenging economic situations1 and the multiplier negative effects in social behaviours (discrimination, no control over resources, prostitution, early marriages and pregnancies etc.) among the women and youth is what drives the commitment of the GALT project.
Through its affiliation to existing institutions like the county government and other stakeholders, the project endeavours to contribute to Fairtrade’s strategy of sustainable livelihoods, the SDGs on no poverty and hunger and empowering women as well as contribute towards economic issues affecting women and youth. This also aligns with Kenya’s Vision 2030. The project therefore, intends to make an impact in the lives of women and youth by equipping them with relevant skills in economic empowerment to kickstart income generating activities. In line with this, Fintea is seeking the services of a consultant/consultancy firm to support the economic empowerment component for women and youth for the Gender Action Learning in tea project.


General Objective

The general objective of this assignment is for the consultant/consulting firm to support 125 women and youth in Kericho and Bomet to realize improved livelihoods.

Specific Objectives

The specific objective of this assignment is for the consultant/consulting firm to support 125 women and youth with the skills and knowledge to realize increased incomes and contribute to enhanced involvement of women and youth in the running of producer organizations.

Scope and Focus of the Assignment

The following specific activities will encompass the scope and focus of the assignment:

a. Conduct trainings for 125 women and youth on formation, establishment and management of village savings and loans associations.

b. Support the registration, formation and establishment of 4 village savings and loan associations for 125 women and youth trained in small business management.

c. Conduct at least 5 livelihood support group meetings with 125 women and youth on income generating activities conceptualization, development of business plans and activation of income generating activities.

d. Identify, profile and connect Fintea Union to successful village, savings and loan association groups for bench marking and exchange visits.

e. Liaise with and link trained women and youth to existing microfinance institutions & banks for further support.

Expected Deliverables

The consultant/consulting firm will be required to deliver on the following:

a. Develop and present an inception report outlining the methodology and detailed work plan through an inception meeting with Fintea and Fairtrade Africa team.

b. Develop detailed training content/manuals for the trainings on the village savings and loan associations, income generating activities conceptualization and activation, development of business plans and livelihood support group meetings.

c. Conduct and deliver on all the specific activities outlined in the scope and focus of the assignment.

d. Develop an end of project report to be shared with Fintea and Fairtrade Africa.

Consultant’s Profile

This assignment requires an expert with experience in formation and management of village, savings and loan associations, livelihoods support, gender and youth programming.

Qualifications and Skills

▪ Bachelor’s Degree in social sciences, business, gender, agriculture or any relevant field.

▪ Minimum of 3 years relevant work experience in formation and management of village, savings and loan associations, livelihoods support, gender and youth programming.

▪ Strong communication, writing and facilitation skills.

▪ Demonstrated experience in programmes related to sectors such as agriculture, trade, women and youth empowerment and financial education.

▪ Knowledge of best practices and trends for village, savings and loan associations and livelihoods support for farming communities.

▪ The expert must have oral and written fluency in English and Kiswahili.

▪ Experience working with producer organizations like Fintea Union is desirable.

▪ Proven ability to work under pressure with tight deadlines, and to deliver promptly within cost and quality standards.

▪ Excellent interpersonal skills with ability to interact and engage with individuals from diverse backgrounds and contexts.

Time Frame

The expected starting date is 23rd May 2022 for two months. Any extension of the period has to be agreed upon, without adding extra cost unless otherwise discussed and agreed upon.

How to apply

Application Process
Interested parties are encouraged to send their technical and financial proposals for this assignment (not exceeding 10 pages)

Proposal Guidelines

Proposals from consultants should include the following elements:

▪ An overview of the consultant’s understanding of this assignment.

▪ Overview of the consultant’s proposed consultancy plan, methodology, deliverables, and timelines. ▪ The proposed budget for the entire assignment.

▪ Consultant’s CVS outlining their relevant experience and skills.

▪ At least one reference from organizations with whom similar assignments have been undertaken outlining the consultant’s role, performance, and project deliverables.

▪ Consultant(s) are encouraged to include any additional information they believe demonstrates added value for Fintea within the scope of this assignment.

This TOR represents the requirements for an open and competitive process.

Applications should be sent to finteagrowers@gmail.com and CC b.nimwesiga@fairtradeafrica.net and v.aridi@fairtradeafrica.net on or before Thursday 12th May 2022.