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Digital Health and Monitoring Department

Who we are

We’re Population Services International (PSI). For 50 years we’ve been striving to make it easier for people around the world to lead healthy lives and plan the families they desire by making quality health products, services and information more affordable and accessible. PSI is reimagining healthcare, by putting the consumer at the centre, and wherever possible – bringing care to the front door. We are working to fix market failures, shape future health markets and shift policy and funding to better support consumer empowered healthcare. There are over 6,000 “PSI’ers” around the world. We are a diverse group of entrepreneurial development professionals with a wide range of backgrounds and experience. All with unique skills that we bring to the critically important work that we do. For more information, please visit www.psi.org

The Objective

PSI/Vietnam and PSI’s Digital Health and Monitoring Department is looking for a Digital Marketing Contractor with the skills and experience to develop and execute digital campaign strategies aimed for the promotion of a digital self-care health information product to the targeted audience in Bac Ninh Province, Vietnam.

Scope of Work

This includes designing and developing a digital marketing strategy to promote the access and use of a digital self-care health information product. The product is a web-based platform that provides health information to consumers and linkage to self-care health assessment and sign-posting to a health facility for care seeking.

This initiative aims to respond to consumers’ demand for health information and services that is facilitated privately to enhance health-seeking behaviour within a non-stigmatized environment.

The product will seek to effectively shift in-person triage services to the consumer’s homes via their mobile/digital devices and signpost to facilities that provide the appropriate service to increase capacity and service coverage, mitigate misinformation and misdirection to inappropriate care, and reduce the inconvenience and costs related to accessing health services.

The consumer journey starts on the web page with promotional messages on the importance of prompt health-seeking behaviors and progresses to a Symptom Checker that is embedded within the web page. The Symptom Checker captures consumer health symptoms, determines the potential causes of the symptoms, and provides a call-to-action from which the consumer can decide on the appropriate next step. In case the next step is a recommended visit to a health facility, the consumer is redirected to a Provider locator, which is also embedded within the same web page to signpost the consumer to health facilities that provide the appropriate service that is being sought.

The Digital Marketing Contractor will work with the PSI team to:

o Design and execute digital marketing strategies and the digital marketing content that contribute to the identified key performance indicators

o Develop campaign optimization approaches through the effective use of ads, Search Engine Optimization, social media influencers amongst other approaches

o Support the brand awareness and draw its demand by creating a digital footprint, grow communities, inspire brand advocates, etc

o Support shaping of a digital marketing ecosystem that would enable multiple channels of engagement (e.g. via FB Messenger, WhatsApp, Zalo, web browsers etc) and optimize positioning of these channels for use by our target audience

o Prepare an insights report that details the experience, outcomes, learnings, and areas of improvement for future development.


The deliverables include:

1. A robust digital marketing strategy and supporting digital marketing content

2. The digital marketing strategy execution plan and its deployment

3. Campaign measurement and optimization plan

4. An Insights Report


The assignment is expected to run for 9 months beginning June 1, 2022 up to January 31, 2023 with the possibility of extension upon funding.

Application Requirements

Interested contractors are required to submit a technical proposal that includes the following:

(a) Contractor portfolio on engagements in similar areas of work with respective outcomes.

(b) Team profile detailing years of relevant experience and technical expertise. Attach CVs.

(c) Response Approach demonstrating understanding of the scope, methodologies that would be pursued in developing the digital strategy including its measure on metrices such as reach, effectiveness and outcome.

(d) A Schedule of the Activities that will be carried out towards meeting the deliverables.**

(e) Statutory documents, namely PIN, ID and Tax compliance**.**

(f) A Financial proposal with a detailed breakdown of costs expected to be incurred (USD).**

The technical proposal will be evaluated against the following areas:

§ Campaign Strategy: define different target audiences similar to PSI that you have you have dealt with before (demographics, interests etc.) & strategies that you used to approach them.

§ Creativity: which content (video, infographics, photos etc.) have you found to resonate well with a target market that would be typical of PSI and on which platforms? How would you optimize webpage’s SEO? How did you make the posts actionable? Organic versus paid posts, how did you balance this and how did it work?

§ Community: How have you used influencers (Macro, micro or nano) to help achieve campaign objectives and community impact and how they helped in the consumer journey?

§ Data driven decision making – name a few data sources that worked for the campaigns and how they worked e.g., pixels, CRM, off-line data. Share in numbers improved search engine rankings, visibility, and brand awareness for previous campaigns similar to PSI.

How to apply

How to Apply

§ Interested applicants can submit their questions to procurement@psinairobi.org before May 4, 2022. PSI will provide consolidated answers to the questions by May 6, 2022.

§ Interested candidates should submit their requirements by May 11, 2022 Close of Business Nairobi time to gshtenders@psi.org with the email subject as Digital Marketing Contractor

PSI reserves the right to accept or reject any tender and is not bound to give reasons for its decision.

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