Terms of Reference to Facilitate a 5 DAY Training on Volunteer Hosting and Management by use of Result Based Management Approach (RBMA) At Girl Child Network

1. Background

NO ONE OUT Italy-Kenya (NOO) and Girl Child Network (GCN) are part of a consortium that has been implementing the European Union Aid Volunteer Program whose mandate is to exchange ideas and knowledge on volunteer hosting and management. The overall aim of the Exchange Program supported by the EU Volunteer Aid Program is to strengthen the capacity of partner organizations to become better volunteer receiving and hosting organizations for youth volunteers from Global North participating in humanitarian activities.

The EU Volunteer Exchange Program has faced several challenges brought about by the COVID 19 pandemic. This saw several travels from one country to the other cancelled from time to time. This grossly affected the manner in which the training was to be conducted.

As a result, several trainings have been conducted remotely (online training) with the only in-person training taking place in Mozambique in 2021 when travel restrictions were eased. The program anticipates taking advantage of opening up of the travel restrictions to undertake the 2nd in-person training in late March 2022 in Kenya. As such, NOO and GCN are seeking qualified and competent firms

or individuals to undertake the training of the consortium members on volunteer hosting and management but with a special focus on Result Based Management to volunteer hosting and management.

2. Consultancy and Justification

The consultancy seeks to identify competent and qualified firms or individuals to undertake a 5-day training for local and international partners on volunteer hosting and management with bias on RBM. The training will bring together partners from Ethiopia, Mozambique, Italy, and Kenya.

3. Objectives for the Consultancy

It is in the light that NOO and GCN would wish to engage a consultancy firm or individual to deliver a 5-day training on volunteer hosting and management but with a special focus on Result Based Management (RBM) on volunteer hosting and management. This approach to volunteer hosting and management is informed by the fact that partners have already been trained on volunteer hosting and management extensively and in that light, they have basic knowledge and skills deemed adequate. However, the missing link in the trainings has been, “how do we connect these trainings with the intended end result? What should be the long-term result of the volunteer hosting and management and can it be delivered in a manner that shifts attitude and perceptions from the manner in which volunteer program are casually viewed?”

The training therefore would envisage a situation where the training would pay much attention to values and principles of RBM in volunteer hosting and management; integrating the Theory of Changes(ToC)-held positive beliefs on

how positive change in humanitarian action can arrive through volunteership as part of Global Citizenship and Common Good for All.

4. The task and scope of the consultancy

The training will take place in Nairobi Kenya at The Luke Hotel, near Mountain Mall off Thika Superhighway. The training will be carried out over a period of 5 days (3 full days and 2 half days). A total of 30 participants from Ethiopia, Kenya, Mozambique, and Italy are expected to attend.

5. The specific outputs/deliverable before the training:

  • Development and submission of Interpretation of these Terms of Reference (TOR).
  • Conduct a comprehensive desk review on volunteer hosting and volunteer management and how RBM can be used to inform and improve the program.
  • Development of training notes and training program for approval.
  • Development of a costed (Ksh) work plan for approval.

6. Specific Deliverables Upon Signing of the Contract

  • Conduct the training as per the agreed timelines and training content.
  • Develop comprehensive training report that captures both the structure and the content of training including methodologies used.
  • Submit the 1st draft training report 2 days after training for inputs.
  • Incorporates inputs and submits a final signed report 3 days after the training.

7. Methodology

This will be adult training bringing together participants from different countries. These countries are different in culture and so all efforts should be put in place to make sure training ethics that are accommodative to participants from diverse cultural backgrounds are observed. Methodologies used to deliver the training should be engaging and inclusive. Use of group work, case studies, plenary discussion tables are highly encouraged. The Consultant should come up with ice breakers that break participants’ boredom. Exclusive use of the lecture method as a single methodology is highly discouraged.

8. Timeframe

The time frame for this process is expected to take a maximum of SIX (6) working days upon signing of the contract. This is inclusive of preparation, training, and report development dates. There will be no extension of the consultancy upon expiry of 6 days as provided for in these terms of reference unless a formal request is done in writing

9. Qualifications

NOO and GCN wish to contract a registered firm having produced evidence of registration, tax compliance certificate, and the firm profile. The desired qualification for the staff would be education level of master’s degree either in curriculum studies, development studies education, or any other related social sciences with over 5 years of experience. Firms/individuals who have undertaken similar assignments in the past will have an added advantage.

10. Reporting

The firm will be directly answerable to the Country Coordinator of NO ONE OUT Italy-Kenya and the Deputy Director of Girl Child Network and work closely with the relevant officers attached to the project.

How to apply

Interested consultancy firms should send their interpretation of these TOR to:

d.mutiso@girlchildnetwork.org/mcdennis2000@yahoo.com and copy

v.demichele@nooneout.orgExpression of Interest (EoI) to be shared on or before 8th March 2022.
1.Vanni De Michele
Country Coordinator
NO ONE OUT Italy-Kenya
P.O. Box 647-00618 Ruaraka, Nairobi Kenya

2.Dennis Mutiso
Deputy Director Girl Child Network
P.O. Box 2447-00200 City Square, Nairobi Kenya