Terms of Reference:Design an interactive microsite for I4C’s Co-Design InnoMojo At CIVICUS

Objective: Design an interactive microsite for I4C’s Co-Design InnoMojo

Location: Global

Duration: 3 to 4 months


CIVICUS exists to defend people’s power. As a growing global alliance of over 10,000 members in over 175 countries, we work together to monitor violations of basic civic freedoms, call out the perpetrators of violations, and strengthen the power of people to organise by supporting a more accountable, effective, and innovative civil society. We strive to promote excluded voices, especially from the Global South.

Background on I4C and the Co-Design InnoMojo:

Innovation for Change (I4C) is a global network of people and organisations who connect, partner and learn together to defend and strengthen civic space and overcome restrictions to the basic freedoms of assembly, association and speech. It is a community-led network inspired by ideas, methods and technologies from across different sectors. CIVICUS is one of the global curators of the I4C network.

I4C takes care in practicing design thinking and co-design methodologies as strategies and tools for developing innovative solutions to civic space restrictions. Design thinking and co-design methodologies prioritize human-centered approaches that place people at the heart of challenges and solutions. I4C has cultivated and promoted these methodologies through:

  • Hosting the Design Thinking for Civil Society Course in January 2021
  • Publishing the Design Thinking for Civil Society Guidebook in partnership with the DesignThinkers Academy
  • Recently launching a Co-Design Community of Practice for members and partners of I4C

While the above initiatives and materials have helped to progress and solidify I4C’s commitment to design thinking and co-design methodologies, these resources are not always available or accessible to its members, partners and broader civil society actors. As such, I4C has been in the process of curating what it has referred to as its InnoMojo: The Spellbook for Social Change.

The InnoMojo is a digital toolkit that takes users through the six-step process of co-design and offers practical tips and tricks for practitioners engaging in it. What is special about the InnoMojo is that it intentionally centers the experiences, reflections and insights of everyday practitioners and activists in these tips and tricks. The goal is for the InnoMojo to be as relatable, useful and as engaging as possible.

What we are looking for:

This Terms of Reference (ToR) seeks to recruit a consultant or team of consultants to develop and design a microsite for I4C’s InnoMojo. The recruited consultant(s) will be responsible for designing all aspects of this product, including its formatting, the layouts of its chapters, their colour schemes, their graphics, their fonts and the like. Their responsibilities also include developing solutions for the following matters:

  • Visualizing and articulating abstract processes, including design thinking and co-design methodologies, through graphic design
  • Designing and executing digital tools for user engagement through navigation features, fun animations and the like
  • Considering and integrating flexible presentation and interaction formats for users with diverse abilities and for translation into other languages incl. responsive and accessible website via all devices (smartphones, tablets, computers)

In line with I4C’s goal of making the InnoMojo useful and engaging to its users, the recruited consultant(s) are invited to develop and design the InnoMojo in a manner that optimizes creativity, interaction and accessibility. A consultancy with experience in graphic design, web design and development is ideal for this role.

Details of assignment


  1. UI and UX design: Design the website’s interfaces wireframes (Using Adobe Xd or Figma or a similar tool)
  2. Development of an interactive microsite for the InnoMojo, that includes the following components:
    1. FrontEnd: Interactive elements to disseminate the InnoMojo content to the I4C Network and the General public via the use of Interactive charts, Graphics and Images, ..etc.
    2. BackEnd: An admin dashboard to allow I4C’s Tech Team managing and controlling the website (Content, Users management, etc).
  3. Design a banner for I4C’s website, and a set of graphics for the I4C Social media accounts to promote the project.
  4. Deploy the developed website to a Server/Web hosting that will be provided by I4C.
  5. Provide 6 to 12 months maintenance services.


The tentative timeline for this work will be as follows:



Jan 25th, 2022

  • CIVICUS and I4C conduct interviews, and candidate selection

February 1st, 2022

  • Onboarding to InnoMojo: The Spellbook for Social Change with a deep dive into content pieces

End February

  • UI / UX experience mapping and wireframes development.


  • Microsite development and testing

Mid May

  • Microsite deployment to an I4C server / Web Hosting

May 31st, 2022

  • InnoMojo is launched
  • 6 to 12 months Maintenance Period

It is estimated that this work can be completed in approximately 22 days, although the number of days required for completion can be flexible. Regardless, all deliverables are to be completed no later than May 31st, 2022.

How to apply

How to apply

Consultants are asked to apply with the following materials enclosed:

  • A full CV
  • A portfolio or sample of your work
  • A financial proposal of your fees for this work
  • Three references

The deadline for this application is no later than January 3rd, 2022. Please note that applications submitted without all of the above materials enclosed will not be considered.


If you have any questions about this ToR, please reach out to Luisa Romero at luisa.romero@civicus.org

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