TOR: Scoping Kenya Government Led Initiatives to Support Shelters for CDTD At Center for Domestic Training and Development

  1. Organizational background:

Centre For Domestic Training & Development (CDTD) was founded in 2001 with a vision to employ as many domestic workers with proper home care management skills. CDTD strived to professionalize and understand the challenges that faced this industry, key among them being lack of dignity, respect, and fair pay besides the stigma associated with domestic work. CDTD began a program in 2001 under the Domestic Support Services, which initially served 5 girls from Nairobi-Kibera.

Sensitive to the needs of Kenyan women, the founder was burdened to change these perennial sufferings by establishing a Domestic Workers Training Centre registered as an NGO in 2003. Since then, CDTD has adopted several “sea-changing” impact programs to address Domestic Worker’s plight, such as the formation of the National Shelters Network (NSN), Counter Trafficking-In Persons (CTIP), Sexual & Gender-Based Violence (SGBV), and Domestic Workers Transformational Program (DWTP). To date, CDTD has transformed more than 10,000 domestic workers and remains a trailblazer in matters; of training, policy advocacy, employment, labor rights, sexual & gender-based violence rights, safe migration, and counter trafficking-In persons.

2.0 Project background:

In 2021, CDTD was selected as a beneficiary of a 3year ILO CAPSA project funded by the United States Department of Labor (USDOL). The project goal is to strengthen the capacity of governments to address child labor and/or forced labor, and violations of acceptable conditions of work in Sub-Saharan Africa. The outcomes are expected to improve enforcement of legal framework and policies pertaining to child labor, forced labor and violations of acceptable conditions of work, improve assistance services for victims of child labor and forced labor and strengthen partnerships to accelerate progress in addressing child labor, forced labor and violations of acceptable conditions of work in Kenya and Uganda.

3.0 Assignment Objectives:

In this regard, CDTD is implementing the Kenyan chapter and is seeking the services of a qualified consultant or individual to enhance CDTD’s and of its partner’s ability to know and understand the various government-led initiatives to support shelter services in Kenya.

4.0 Project deliverables:

  1. Develop a scoping report that details the existing government training funds and opportunities that exist to support shelter services in Kenya.
  2. Use the report in (i) to engage CDTD’s partners (virtually) under the National Shelters Network (NSN) program in sensitizing shelter providers of the existing government-led initiatives to support shelter services in Kenya. (e.g., KYEOP, KUCCPS, Youth Fund, Women Fund, NYS, Defense forces, police, and prisons recruitment, HELB, etc.).

5.0 Duration:

This assignment is to be delivered within Two working Days post contracting and the virtual engagement to be conducted in less than 2hours.

6.0 Qualifications and competencies:

  • Proven experience in the field of Public Administration, Public Policy, Human Rights, Labor and International Law.
  • Experience in scoping, mapping, and research in a Kenyan NGO is an added advantage.
  • Minimum of a degree in a relevant field of Social Studies, Human Rights Law, International Relations, Public Policy, Public Administration or its equivalent.
  • Those with a post-graduate qualification in the relevant field shall have an added advantage.
  • The consultant or individual should have exceptional communication and writing skills (English) in a manner that can be understood by an executive, management, and program officers.

7.0 Payment and submissions:

60% payment shall be done upon contracting after a successful selection process and the balance shall be settled after approval of the scoping report and successful dissemination of the 2-hour virtual session with shelter service providers.

How to apply

The Consultants/Individuals wishing to express their interest in undertaking this TOR are advised to deliver a technical and financial proposal, together with their resume to be submitted via email to procurement @ not later than 25th May 2022, 1700hours (EAT).

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