WAP Medical Supervisor at African Parks

WAP Medical Supervisor at African Parks


African Parks is a non-profit organization that takes on the complete responsibility for the rehabilitation and long-term management of national parks in partnership with governments and local communities. We currently manage 19 national parks and protected areas in 11 countries covering over 14.1 million hectares in: Angola, Benin, Central African Republic, Chad, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Malawi, Mozambique, the Republic of Congo, Rwanda, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

Since 2017, Benin Government has entered into a long-term agreement with African Parks to revitalize, rehabilitate and develop both Pendjari and W National Parks. Together, these two Parks form a significant portion of the W-Arly-Pendjari (WAP) Complex, a globally significant transboundary landscape representing the largest intact wild ecosystem in West Africa.

African Parks is seeking a full-time Medical Supervisor for W-Arly-Pendjari (WAP) region. This position is to be shared between parks in the region and represents an exciting opportunity to work with a unique conservation organization, dedicated to protecting Africa’s wildlife and remaining wild places. We are looking for a highly organized, self-motivated and passionate individual to supervise medical care across the WAP complex. The position will be primarily based in the field and will require frequent travel in between the parks under AP management in WAP as well as regional capitals. This individual will support the work we are carrying out to help secure the future of wildlife and the people living around the protected areas. This is a special opportunity to work with an organization that is carrying out some of the most impactful conservation work across Africa.


The WAP Medical Supervisor is responsible for:

  • overseeing the operations of WAP Benin medical clinics in order to ensure quality and medical best practice in the defined scope;
  • training and mentor medical staff as required, and oversee the training of WAP Benin non-medical staff in first aid disciplines according to the African Parks first aid and ranger medic curricula;
  • advising park management on the implementation of occupational health programs as may be required in the parks.

The WAP Medical Supervisor will not be expected to provide clinical care in any clinic. Each clinic will have nationally registered permanent staff dedicated to the unit. The Supervisor will move between units and conduct ongoing oversight and mentorship.

Expected Key Performance Areas to achieve are as follow:

  • Define a scope of practice for WAP Benin parks clinics to be able to conduct primary health care. non-surgical trauma stabilization and helicopter medical evacuation support.
  • Conduct a gap analyses, submit an implementation plan and budget and implement the capability.
  • Ensure the appointment of an independent organigram in each clinic.
  • Oversee the ongoing professional training of clinic staff according to required competencies.
  • Oversee the management of clinic stock and budget and ensure monthly reporting to park operations management.
  • Plan, coordinate and oversee first aid training for WAP Benin park non-medical staff in accordance with APN medical SOP.
  • Oversee the WAP Benin ranger medic program according to African Parks training and operational standard. Ensure that medics are correctly trained, regularly receive refresher training and clinical experience where possible and that their equipment is managed according to an approve stock management system.
  • Ensures that patient record system for all patients seen in WAP Benin parks either by clinics or ranger medics is maintained according to Benin law, relevant patient privacy requirements and medical best practices.
  • In coordination with park operations team, conduct assessment of both park’s occupational health requirements (for example water sanitation, sewerage, food preparation, malaria prevention) propose any required improvements and coordinate the implementation of these.
  • Coordinate with WAP Benin Human Resources department to optimize national and international healthcare access and medical evacuation planning in accordance with APN medical SOPs and insurances


We are looking for someone who is passionate about conservation and wants to be part of a growing, dynamic team who is responsible for medical care supervision in African Parks. This person sees this position as an exciting opportunity to help save wildlife and wild places across the continent. Ideally, the candidate has the following or comparable qualifications:

  • Currently qualified independent practice (either doctor, nurse or paramedic)
  • Demonstrated and ongoing currency in emergency care disciplines: (ATLS, ACLS, ITLS, TCCC or equivalent).
  • Primary care experience beneficial, trauma/emergency care experience essential.
  • Demonstrated experience as instructor or trainer in medical disciplines.
  • At least 5 years of experience with experience in management of a medical unit and medical staff.
  • Previous experience in high risk area or military is beneficial.
  • French fluency required, with English functional literacy
  • Goal-oriented, self-motivated, creative, highly flexible and adaptable to change
  • Strong willingness to and experience living in a remote location
  • Adhesion to African Parks values.

How to apply

Please submit in a single PDF format your CV, cover letter and proof of related work experience explaining why you are a suitable candidate, along with three references to rhpendjari@africanparks.org copying marca@africanparks.org with subject heading: “**WAP Medical Supervisor _LAST NAME”**

Should you not hear back from us within 2 weeks after closing date, please take it that your application was unsuccessful.

More Information

  • Job City Pendjari, W national Parks, Benin
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