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We’re a global change-making group. The group consists of a UK registered charity with community projects in Africa, Asia and Latin America, an independent development publishing company and a technical consulting service. We combine these specialisms to multiply our impact and help shape a world that works better for everyone.

Practical Action’s urban services programme work in Kenya has focused on WASH and Waste in informal settlements (largely targeting access to potable water, toilets, hand-washing facilities, feacal sludge management and policy influencing at the county and national levels) in Kisumu City, the third largest metropolis in Kenya.

Given the success of this work, Practical Action wishes to assess the potential for it to be extended to other urban areas and counties in the Lake Region (which might include other settlements/towns in Kisumu County).
In order to take this work to a larger scale, we are now seeking to carry out a two-part piece of research:

  1. A largely desk-based study to review the provision of WASH and waste services in informal/low-income settlements in urban areas in the Lake Basin. This work will be completed by Practical Action internally.
  2. To complement this, a field learning assessment aimed at filling in the data gaps from the desk based study will be conducted so as to establish from community members (especially the most vulnerable) and local stakeholders in 5 identified towns on what the needs and gaps are around WASH and waste in the Lake Basin for low-income/ informal settlements. This work is the subject of this TOR.

Understanding the current trends and emerging issues, other key players in the sector and where and what their interventions are will be an important part of the research to ensure we add value and don’t duplicate. The findings of the desk research and the field learning assessment will be used to develop Practical Action Kenya’s new strategic direction in its cities work.

The field assessment methods should include a mixture of methods such as (but not limited to): transect walks and observation, focus group discussions (including using participatory learning and action tools), key informant interviews, and stakeholder workshops. Statistically significant sampling is not a requirement but researchers should give due attention to representation in terms of geographic placement of communities, income levels and demographics or other key factors. Consultants will need to submit a short methodology paper as part of their tender.

A draft report will be prepared and discussed with Practical Action who will indicate any changes required prior to finalization.

Outputs and deliverables for the consultancy
a) A report of ten pages or less for each location which summarizes;

  • The key issues identified by the various stakeholders and/or the researchers.
  • The potential for Practical Action to make a meaningful intervention in the area.

b) An analytical summary of around ten pages which analyses WASH situation in all locations covered and recommends priority locations and areas for Practical Action’s future interventions.
Additional data may be appended to these reports.

Consultant(s) requirements
Practical Action is looking for highly experienced and multi-skilled WASH and waste management professionals/consultancy firm(s) with the following minimum technical qualifications and experience:

  • Minimum masters level education and/or training in water/environmental engineering, public health, urban and regional development/planning.
  • Water, Sanitation and Hygiene WASH professionals with experience in qualitative and quantitative research methodology.
  • In depth understanding of urban development issues with specific focus on informal settlements/ slums in large and medium sized urban centres/towns.
  • Proven expertise in gender and social inclusion.
  • Understanding of low-cost water, sanitation and waste management technologies and resource recovery along the service chains.
  • Strong analytical, organizational, reporting and presentation skills.

Guidelines for Submission of Expression of Interest
Qualified and interested parties are asked to submit the following;

  • Letter of interest in submission of a proposal
  • A detailed technical proposal clearly demonstrating an in-depth understanding of this TOR and including but not limited to the following;
  • Consultant profile
  • Evidence of compliance to all statutory requirements (KRA compliance, certificates of incorporation (if applicable) and registration with relevant professional bodies
  • Description of the methodology
  • Demonstrated previous experience in similar assignments and qualifications outlined in this TOR.
  • Proposed timeframe detailing activities and a work plan.
  • Team composition and level of effort of each proposed team member (include CVs of each team member).
  • A financial proposal with a detailed breakdown of costs for the study quoted in Kenya shillings – the quotation should be per each of the five locations.

Consultants will need to quote per location to be visited as well as an additional fee for the summary paper (report) and should focus on 5 most vulnerable towns/locations in the lake basin region.

For a detailed Terms of Reference visit: https://practicalaction.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/12/TOR-for-WASH-and-Waste-Management-Scoping-Study.pdf

How to apply

Practical Action has internally completed the Stage 1 desk study and is now inviting interested and qualified consulting entities/firms to express interest for the Stage 2 field assessments to submit a complete proposal to recruitment@practicalaction.or.ke with the subject line WASH and Waste Management Scoping Study in Lake Victoria Region so as to reach Practical Action on or before 9th January 2022.

At Practical Action, we treat all applications for employment on their merits and do not take into consideration any factors that are not relevant to the job such as disability, race, age, religion, gender, gender reassignment or sexual orientation.

We are committed to safeguarding and protecting children and vulnerable adults and as such candidates will be subject to pre-employment checks.

The successful applicant must have the pre-existing right to both live and work in Kenya