WASH Programm, Grant and Partner Manager At Neven Subotic Stiftung

The Neven Subotic Stiftung / Foundation is a small, 7-person-team based in Germany, focused on realizing the right to WASH for people living in rural underserved settings it. Through all our partnerships we hope to contribute to the decolonization of the development sector by solely working with local organisations whose board and field workers are from the area. These special circumstances come with their challenges and this is why we are looking for a committed, smart and principled person to join our team. If everything works out as intended, you will join our team long term, contribute to the expansion of partners, countries and programs and ultimately the impact of serving people.

As the WASH-Program, Grant & Partner Manager you will be responsible for managing up to 5 partners based in Tanzania and Kenya, and a respective numbers of Grants with these Partners with a volume between 2 – 5 million USD annually. The overall goal is to grow the existing partnerships, in quality, quantity and capacity in order to ultimately increase our impact by realizing the human right to water. Specifically, the grants and partners should be supported in the implementation of the Grants objectives on the one hand, while improving these practices on the other, as well as finding new suitable partners. The job starts as soon as possible with at least a 12-month agreement.

Your objectives include:

  1. Identify and realize improvements in the program and process design together with partner.
  2. Monitoring of activities by partners throughout the Grant and reporting weekly to HQ.
  3. Represent N2S to authorities and other relevant stakeholders.
  4. Further your own capacity by attending exchange forums, events and training opportunities.
  5. Supporting Partners with fulfilling the requirements of the Grant Reporting, Monitoring and Evaluation.
  6. Identify and vet new partners in other countries in and around East Africa.


  1. Master’s Degree or higher in a field related and applicable to WASH.
  2. Minimum of 5 years of experience working in the WASH-Sector for a NGO.
  3. Strong understanding of Partner, Project and Grant Management.
  4. Solid English speaking and writing skills.
  5. Good Microsoft Excel skills in order to manage Budget, Activities, Tasks and other related matters.
  6. Computers skills, i.e. able to communicate via Email and Videoconference.
  7. Ability to move freely across countries, e.g. a Passport, ability to fly and spend weeks away from home.
  8. Primary location should be in either Nairobi or Dar es Salaam.

How to apply

Apply here: https://nevensuboticstiftung.de/wash-manager-application

Send an Email to wash@n2s.ngo and include a motivation letter which includes a salary range, as well as a CV.