Web and Graphic Design Consultant At International Organization for Migration


The International Organization for Migration (IOM) seeks a qualified web and digital media specialist to support the establishment of an online platform to enhance the capacities of IOM field staff to implement community based recovery programmes.

A core function of IOM’s Transition and Recovery Division (TRD), with the Department of Operations and Emergencies (DOE), is to provide technical assistance to country offices to enhance the effectiveness of programmes in the field. Within the range of thematic areas of focus, supporting communities to define, own and drive recovery from crisis is a key modality for the Organization.

In January 2021, IOM TRD initiated a project to compile and integrate the different approaches used by country offices globally, focusing on the best practices of 8 country offices who conduct community based recovery activities. The final product is currently being worked on and is divided along the following three Components:

  1. Component 1 – Pre-Planning;
  2. Component 2 – Participatory Community Based Assessments;
  3. Component 3 – Community Based Planning.

Each component has between 8 and 10 steps and each step contains rationale, outputs, methodology, recommendations, examples from ongoing IOM operations and a series of templates. The final product is intended to be a practical field manual providing easy access to field staff, with limited time, to support local partners to guide communities through the process.

When the document is finalized it will be typeset and available for IOM staff to download, adapt and use in different contexts. In addition, given that the components and steps within them are ‘modules’ that can be selected and adapted by IOM staff, the next component in the project is to develop an online interactive platform. This will enable staff to select the modules they want to use, understand the rationale, key considerations and ‘step-by-step’ instructions to complete the tasks. Each module will also link to a wider range of country examples and resources for staff who want to do further research before implementing their respective projects.

The online modules will combine audio-visual presentations with info-graphics, images of previous examples, links to practical guides and field-level examples, and templates for field-staff to ensure practitioners of the manual can readily understand and incorporate the methodological tools.

To support the development of the platform, a technical web and graphic design consultant is sought, with the following key outputs:


  1. Review the community-based planning modules, focused on formatl rather than content (the function of the subject matter experts), accompanying visual images, graphics, examples, templates and overall structure.
  2. Produce a 3 page inception report and workplan, providing the following information:

a. Recommendations for the design and structure of the online platform;

b. Recommendations for info-graphic / graphic representations of the different steps, based on the materials provided;

c. Technical specifications and needs for the production of the platform.*

  1. Develop the online platform, based on the 3 components (landing page), and steps within each component, integrating audio and video files as well as sample documents and templates provided by IOM staff to enable users to access and use the information easily and learn from best practices.
  2. Provide instructions for maintenance of the platform to ensure its sustainability.
  3. Based on the final web-based platform and in coordination with subject-matter experts, revise and finalize the typeset manual in PDF format integrating any graphics developed in the process or structural changes made during finalization.

The Organization’s institutional knowledge management system is Microsoft SharePoint on which, to the extent possible, it is required the platform be based. Consultation with TRD’s focal point for knowledge management is required to ensure that the platform works harmoniously with existing platforms and avoids duplicating efforts. Resources are available to fund additional software enhancements if recommended by the consultant.*

Application requirements

· Cover Letter (Max 1 page);

· CV;

· Sample of web-based work.

**Please note that several Steps from the manual are accessible *HERE* for reference, to assist interested applicants in visualizing what can be done with the typeset content.

Minimum Qualifications

· There are no minimum years of experience required for this consultancy and selection will be based on the above application process.

· Technical qualification in graphic design, web-design, SharePoint, and other related software applications.

· Proficiency in English Language.

How to apply

Interested candidates are invited to send their Cover Letter, CV and Sample of web-based work to trdrecruitments@iom.int, no later than 29 August 2021 by indicating “**Web and Graphic Design Consultant Application**” in the subject of the email. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

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