Youth Citizenship and Political Participation, West Africa Consultancy At Sightsavers

Consultancy to research current approaches of enhancing citizenship and political participation worldwide for youth with disabilities, specifically low and middle countries and in Africa

Sightsavers has a programme of work focused on the citizenship and political participation of people with disabilities and we have been working in West Africa on two projects funded by Irish Aid since 2017. Our new social inclusion strategy places greater emphasis on youth with disabilities and we would like to deepen our knowledge about the way that young people engage in the public sphere, in order to ensure that our programming is supporting young men and women with disabilities become the leaders of tomorrow.

We are therefore looking at gaining knowledge on existing successful and innovative approaches enhancing youth citizenship and political participation in the world – especially in low and middle countries, and in Africa. We have a number of questions we would like answered:

  • How do youth with disabilities engage publicly: in political parties and processes, in civil society associations and political movements, in campaigns, for example
  • Which approaches, targeting young people with disabilities specifically – women and men, pan-disability – have already been tested and are recommended
  • How do young people engage in public life differently to their elders? For example, are they more active in social media, do they have other channels of communication and groups of interest, what are they passionate about?
  • And what else would advance their role as citizens in their societies?

We also seek to conduct a mapping exercise that would identify

a) existing youth movements in West and Central Africa are active and visible

b) actors (INGOs, CSOs) with specific expertise in this area


Sightsavers requires a consultant to provide information and recommended approaches on the all the above

Expected deliverables from the consultancy are:

A. Desk review (of 20 pages max) on existing successful and innovative approaches enhancing youth citizenship and political participation and engagement in the world (part 1), highlighting which approaches targeting specifically YWDs – women and men, pan-disability – have already been tested and are recommended (part 2).

B. List of key partners at international and regional (WCA) levels having an expertise in this area; (e.g. INGOs, NGOs, CSOs, OPDs, coalitions), with information on their specific added-value if we want to partner with them.

C. List of key youth movements in the region (WCA) that have proven to be active and visible in the area of citizenship and political participation, with information on their specific goals and key programmes if we want to partner with them.

D. Power point (30 slides max) to be used for the feedback workshop, including key recommendations for operations.

Documents must be provided in French or in English.

Schedule of Payment

Schedule of payment will be made in two tranches, see Terms of Reference (ToR)for details

Consultant Specifications

· Expertise in youth citizenship and political participation, in local development, in youth movements and alliances, in youth engagement in public life

· Experience in working in developing countries, especially in West and Central Africa

· Knowledge on disability

· Awareness of gender issues

· Fluency in reading, writing, and speaking French and English

· Cultural sensitivity

· Report-writing and research expertise

How to express your interest

To express your interest to undertake this assignment, please read the complete ToR and complete our Expression of Interest (EoI) which can also be found via the application link above.

Interested bidders are also requested to include an example of previous similar work.

We anticipate interviews will be held mid February 2022 and the agreement signed by end of February latest.

Expressions of interest should only be made using the forms provided.

As an equal opportunity Employer, we actively encourage EoI’s from all sections of the community. Qualified people living with a disability are particularly encouraged to apply.

Closing date: 4 February 2022

How to apply